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Aman Hotels Around The World

If you’re a hotel obsessive like us, you probably have heard of Aman Resorts Group. Now, if you haven’t heard about Aman Resorts & Hotels, it is an incredible group of luxury stays. Founded by Indonesian hotelier Adrian Zecha, this resort company started in the 1980s with its first opening in Thailand. Now, it has grown into a global collection of well-curated properties in extraordinary locations worldwide. What is different about Aman is its selection of sites; they don’t go for the obvious touristy spots per se; if they did, the group would already have one in the world’s second most visited city, Paris, but instead, they meticulously pick locations that other resort companies have overlooked and build themselves a safe haven providing people with an opportunity to escape for a while. The whole idea behind the resorts is to be a retreat away from the busy city but still make the people feel connected to the heart and culture of the place they are staying at. Perhaps, this is done to elevate solitude; after all, the target audience is people with a high appreciation for luxury. All Aman resorts share the brand’s core of effortless, understated glamour, intuitive service, and amazing architecture. The group itself has grown significantly; it has attracted a whole crowd of cult followers called the Aman Junkies.

In no particular order, we have put together what we consider to be the best Aman resorts from an architectural point of view.

Villa Millocer at Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

A country famed for its beauty, Aman’s chosen location in Montenegro is in the tiny islet of Sveti Stefan. The sandy beaches with turquoise waters make this hotel a slice of paradise. As a UNESCO world heritage site, the designers have been meticulous in retaining the integrity of this historic village. The interior is updated with modern elements but retains its historic character, and the beauty is not only skin deep; this Aman hotel delivers top-notch quality of service, synonymous with the other Aman hotels. Currently, the island of Sveti Stefan is closed to the public. However, guests of Villa Milocer are permitted to explore the historic island by way of a private tour conducted by the Aman team.

Aman Summer Palace, Beijing, China

Placed just steps from one of China’s most iconic sites, with a door away from the historic garden estate, this serene retreat embraces traditional Chinese architecture. The resort is housed in a series of pavilions - those that accommodate guests of the Emoress Dowager Cixi over 100 years ago. Some date back over a century, and the resort’s aesthetic references traditional materials and the architectural design of the Qing and Ming Dynasties. Wooden screens and Ming Dynasty-inspired furniture; all this creates a sense of timeless elegance, which is present in every room & suite.

Amanzoe, Greece

A modern-day acropolis inspired by classic Greek architecture as described by its award-winning architect Edward Tuttle (a frequent collaborator of the Aman group). The design allows for optimal views, with flat roofs supported by graceful colonnades, creating the perfect set-up for open panoramas while establishing a sense of flow and openness between external and internal spaces. Meanwhile, inside, high ceilings and cold materials such as marble and natural stones are tempered by warming oak accents.

Amanjena, Marrakech, Morocco

Meaning “Peaceful Paradise” in Arabic, Amanjena is located just outside the ancient city of Marrakech. Resting in an oasis of palms and olive trees, African Muslim architecture and heritage are reflected throughout the resort, including the guest pavilions that radiate out from an ancient ornamental lake echoing the style of a Sultan’s Palace in the Moroccan traditional style. Visitors can spend time swimming in the pool, enjoy a game of tennis on one of Amanjena’s clay courts, play golf on the 27-hole Amelkif golf course, or visit the landscape of the Agafay dunes deep in the desert.

Amanbagh, Rajasthan, India

Built within a walled oasis once used as the Maharaja of Alwar’s camp during hunting expeditions, Amanbagh is a contemporary place with rose-hued cupolas and private courtyards that echo the region’s traditional Mughal-inspired architecture. A place of utter peace and ultimate privacy. Beneath the domed ceilings, suites, and pavilions are light-filled sanctuaries. The hotel offers its guests a private terrace or courtyard, and some spaces include private pools.

Amanjiwo, Java, Indonesia

Literally translates into ‘peaceful soul,’ this resort offers serenity, privacy, and beauty at its finest. With its setting in Central Java’s cultural heartland, Amanjiwo overlooks the 9th-century Buddhist sanctuary and UNESCO world heritage site of Borobudur, which is the largest temple complex in the world. Perfectly placed for exploring the region’s historical highlights and enjoying the blissful surroundings, Amanjiwo flows from a lofty rotunda down the hillside to an impressive pool. The hotel effortlessly balances cultural discovery with peace and restoration.

Amankila, Bali, Indonesia

Amankila is a cliffside beach resort that overlooks the island of Lombok, set on a hillside beneath the sacred Mount Agung; Amankila’s buildings mirror the nearby Karangasem (Eastern Bali) palaces, giving the hyper-luxurious hotel a feeling of history and tradition where you can dive deep into Indonesian culture and Balinese architecture with opulent palaces, rice fields, and local villages along the way. Suites offer spectacular views high on the hillside, while a three-tier infinity pool cascades at the property’s heart, and the beach club leads to a private black-sand beach.

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Vocation outfit ideas for a stay at Aman Hotels

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