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The Most Popular Loewe Shoes

Loewe denim ankle boot

You know that feeling when you see the shoes, and you already know you are buying them right now despite not knowing what to wear them with? The Loewe Denim ankle boots will probably be that kind of impulse purchase. They are just too good to miss out on. While these Loewes might look a bit tricky to style, do not get intimidated. Instead, scroll down the page to see some outfit inspirations! 

Loewe balloon sandal

A sculptured platform as an alternative to your typical heel has definitely become a classic. The Attico is offering its branded version with Cheope pumps. This shoe is everything you ever wanted; extravagant, sexy, chic, and so ever seductive! Cheope also seems to be a great luxury shoe investment, as a silhouette like this one lives outside of trends and seasons!

Loewe Bow sandals

Pink is among the favorite colors at The Attico, and we’ve seen it in various shades and textures. The style taking the spotlight today is the Luz Fuchsia Mule, with a glittery finish. This combo is an over-the-top statement that would elevate any outfit, as it combines the bold color choice with the bulkiness of its heel. We can’t help but obsess over the barbie meets edgy look it offers.

Loewe nail polish mule

We all know a good pair of pumps are a must-have in every girl’s closet, and what better way to spice it up than some irresistible straps to enhance the ankle? One of our top picks for the Venus sling-back is the ‘sky-blue’ version, which gives that pop of color while remaining soft and elegant. However, if you prefer a more daring version, you can trade these for the fuchsia ones, which are definitely hard to miss.

Loewe Embellished denim sneakers

As for what is probably The Attico’s most iconic shoe, our winner is the Devon Black and White Mule, showcasing an extravagant zebra-print representation of the disco era. It calls out for the ultimate fashionistas who love having fun in their looks but also feel comfortable.

The Loewe Shoes Review 2023

Looking for an extravagant pair of shoes that wouldn't take two seconds to impress? It's hard to imagine shoes more experimenting and surreal than the Loewe sculpted footwear.


From the famous collection of Loewe artsy heels featuring such beloved pairs as Loewe Broken Egg Heel Sandals, Nail Polish Heel Sandals, and Rose Heel Slingbacks to the ultimate "it" shoe for all the fashion enthusiasts no matter the continent - the Loewe Balloon Sandal. These footwear pieces are, without a doubt, not only a statement pair of luxury shoes but a true work of art. 

Are Loewe shoes comfortable? 

While we won’t tell you that the Loewe heels are the most comfortable luxury shoes to run around in, we can fairly say that they don’t bring any worse struggle than any other high heels in general. So if you are accustomed to stiletto heels and don’t expect the New Balance comfort from your extravagant footwear, the Loewe surreal heels will work just fine for you. No unusual foot torture has been brought up to our attention. 

When choosing which surreal heel to go with, if your eye falls on the Rose Heel pair (perhaps the most popular out of them all), do keep in mind that this particular pair is quite delicate, so treat them with the care this work of art deserves.

How do Loewe shoes fit?

You will be pleased to know that some particular Loewe models impress with their comfort level. The Balloon Pump has received many positive reviews regarding the softness of the leather, the comfortable fit, and the support of the sculptured heel. 


Interestingly, women with both wide and narrow feet found the general fit of the Loewe shoes very satisfying. 

Are Loewe shoes true to size?

The good news is that the Loewe shoes are true to size, making them a perfect online purchase.

Loewe balloon sandals outfit idea

How to style the Loewe Balloon sandals?

Styling an extravagant piece usually goes two ways. You can use your "over-the-top" piece to bring a solo accent to your otherwise casual look that basically balances out your outfit. Or you can go all in on the extravaganza.


The Parisian fashion influencer Ellie Delphine is definitely having lots of fun with her Loewe look. The famous Balloon Sandals and Loewe red Lips high-neck sweatshirt surely make Ellie stand out of the crowd. However, the influencer went a little further and chose tailored black trousers with deep center cuts, which are definitely meant for one brave fashion enthusiast. Despite her serious look, enhanced with her black shades, we can see Ellie is having fun with this outfit from head to toe. 

Loewe Ankle Boots in Denim Outfit Ideas

Denim shoes are not the easiest to style, whether they are sneakers, high-heel boots, or how it is in the case with Loewe, the Ankle Denim boot. The first thing that comes to mind is probably the classic denim-on-denim look. And while we do love a fresh variation of full-on-denim outfit ideas, it is even more refreshing to see how to style a pair of statement denim shoes without any texture-matching combinations. 

A model Vera van Erp uses her pair of Loewe Ankle boots to mix the textures and colors in her look. With quite a neutral mini black dress and her loose-silhouette, slightly oversized gray blazer, Vera adds the necessary contrast with the Loewe denim boots and her Loewe yellow clutch. 


Both the shoes and the bag make the look this much more exciting and fun to look at! This is a perfect example of “casual meets style and trends.”

Loewe denim anckle boots outfit idea
Loewe denim boots style inspo

Denim on Denim Look

The singer Inna is giving us the classic denim-on-denim-on-denim look. The crystals (yes, in the shape of a heart) on her denim top and the Aviator shades give us the exact amount of the ’90s nostalgia that is absolutely necessary for any denim-on-denim look. While Inna’s overall look is cute, what we love the most about this combo is how well the loose fit of her jeans matches her Loewes. The Ankle boot blends in with the jeans, making it an extra long yet quite volumed silhouette. 

Loewe Rose Heel Sandal Outfit Inspiration

The Digital Creator Nina Sandbech took her Loewe Rose sandals as the core of her look. She cleverly compliments the shoe using only black, green, and red in her outfit. Nina then took it a step further and decorated her top with a large red flower brooch. This look is a whole story, a story of one surreal pair of heels. 

Loewe rose heel sandal
Loewe rose heel sandal look idea

Loewe Balloon Pump Look Idea

When it comes to color coordinating, Nina Sandbech is definitely a pro. Her colorful looks bring joy and fun to fashion; it almost seems like the influencer reminds us not to take fashion so seriously while still looking absolutely stunning! Focusing on red and black, Nina chose a maxi denim skirt to balance the outfit and avoid the look becoming too gimmicky. To keep it one-brand-focused, Nina chose the Loewe red polka dot bag to complete the look. 

Loewe balloon pump
Loewe red balloon pump streetstyle
Loewe red balloon pump outfit ideas
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