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What is My Personal Stylist?

Your Stylist is a unique online service that delivers you new outfit ideas. Based exclusively on your style and preferences, this experience is created to inspire you with the latest trends and assist you with online shopping while keeping your authentic style and taste.


How does My Personal Stylist work?

Based on the LFA styling concept, you will be receiving an outfit idea consisting of eight items by email. Each item will have a link to a retail website from which you can purchase it. The outfits will be presented as a classic styling collage to help you visualize the final look.

Why My Personal Stylist is a personal service?

Although you can always find fresh ideas in our shopping section, Your Stylist was created to take it further and deliver online fashion assistance designed specifically and exclusively for you. Before subscribing to Your Stylist, you will be asked to fill in a form providing us with some helpful information about you and your fashion preferences. Your answers will help us to build a personalized style profile. After learning about your taste and style, we will start sending you our outfit ideas. These outfit suggestions are prepared exclusively for you. They would not be sent to any of our subscribers or posted on our shopping page.

How do I pay for My Personal Stylist?

Your Stylist is a subscription-based service that you would have to sign up for. Your monthly subscription price depends on how many outfit ideas you would like to receive per week. Once the subscription is available, the rates will be shown on the Your Stylist page under the Payment section.

What if I want to start using My Personal Stylist now?

Sign up for our Waiting List to be the first to subscribe and start enjoying Your Stylist. We promise to get back to you with more information on the release date and prices.

Waiting List

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