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How to Dress Like a Celebrity?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to dress like a celebrity. Many confuse a wish to dress like a celebrity with the lack of one's own style. However, there is something quite personal in leaning towards the looks of your favorite public persona.

Thanks to social media today, every one of us has become a bit of a fashion critic with a hint of a personal stylist, as we truly believe - we simply know better. Criticizing celebrities' styles and crashing their gala looks have never seemed so kindly encouraged before. Everyone comes with an opinion and is very ready to share it. And the best part of it is that each voice is more or less somewhat heard.

With this social craving for any kind of discussion, there is very little chance left for a blind and unconditional following. Today, it is pretty unlikely that you would want to dress like your favorite celebrity for the sake of admiration. With so many reviews and comments on countless events and after-party outfits spinning around every day, the celebrity's style would catch your attention before you get a chance to discover their actual occupation or even learn their name.

That said, pointing out a celebrity whose style speaks to you and wishing to recreate their looks is more of detecting your taste reflected in something you see. Put it this way - before our eyes see something, our mind may already know what it likes. In a way, it is probably your aesthetic preference, not a given instruction.

So how to dress like a celebrity while developing your own style?

Celebrities have close and often long-lasting relationships with fashion houses. It is usually an ongoing affair like Kim in Balenciaga or Billie Eilish in Gucci. So if a specific outfit has caught your attention, start with some research. Was it a red carpet look where brands have a “full outfit” policy, so the star represented one specific fashion house? Or did you like one of the street-style looks they recently got photographed in? In this case, the outfit worn was either their own choice, a pull from a personal stylist, or a result of an endorsement. See if the same brands reappear in your celeb’s wardrobe.

Then ask yourself:

  • Was it a specific brand/few brands that made you like the famous person’s style in the first place?

  • Or was it that unique twist the celebrity puts combining brands? Their sense of direction and fun they are having while dressing up.

If it is the first question you gave a yes to, try to redirect your focus to the actual brands the celebrity wore. You might find out that your personality responds to the aesthetics of certain fashion houses. Each brand has its strong identity, which serves quite a meaningful and helpful purpose.

So if Zendaya’s pink Valentino suit has made you fancy smart yet playful, elevated casual looks with elegant cuts and daring colors, make sure to look at Stella McCartney’s oversized blazers and her contrasting cut-out tops. Then check out Prada’s summer collection, full of juicy dyed silk and straight silhouettes.

And if you enjoy how Kim Kardashian has been pulling off her matrix-futuristic yet very feminine looks, full of extravaganza and sexuality, dive into the Balenciaga world, adding a pinch of Givenchy to bring your outfit a bit of sophistication and a sense of reality.

However, suppose it is not any particular brands that draw your attention, but more how the celebrity has their unique way of combining different brands and styles, turning them into their aesthetic. In that case, there is nothing wrong with having a closer look at their wardrobe. From the luxury shoes in their rotation to the woman designer handbags they so gracefully carry around, there is no harm in knowing some deets.

Here are some celebrities whose style appears like a secret recipe with a whole bunch of ingredients. Carefree and daring, it is hard to tell if they do so well because they don’t take fashion seriously, dress for the fun of it, or they are actually on a mission and strike every single time. Either way, we will recreate some of their styles while not replicating the entire look.

How To Dress Like Rihanna?

Gothic, glamorous, hip-hop, masculine, playful, exposing, provocative, cute - these words sound like a senseless list of random adjectives until you add “Rihanna” next to them. Then they make a perfect description. There is no specific style when it comes to Rihanna; her image is based on on-ever-going evolution. Her never-ending experiments seem always to bring success. This woman could easily match one of her Hermes bags with a pair of Dr. Martins. One may wonder - is it that Rihanna never fails or that not many would ever dare to speak against anything she does? Either or, not only is Rihanna one of the most influential women in fashion, the singer is also, without a doubt, the most inspiring persona when it comes to style. One thing to keep in mind - perhaps for a nonpublic person, it would not be such a bad idea to take it down a notch when dressing like Rihanna.

Rihanna at the Dior show


How To Dress Like Karlie Kloss?

Sophisticated, simple, and casual but never dull, Karlie Kloss is an excellent example of a celebrity with quite a down-to-Earth personal style. Yet her simple looks never fail to inspire. There is an attractive charm in her relaxed appearance. Effortlessly elegant, she always looks cool, and her simplicity is stylish. With a first glance at Karlie, it is not difficult to guess this woman makes a living out of the fashion industry.


How To Dress Like Emily Ratajkowski?

Emily Ratajkowski is undoubtedly one of the sexiest tom-boys one can imagine. Perhaps her success lies in never overdoing it. She knows precisely how to soften down the pair of loose boyfriend jeans. There is always a hot crop top to her sweatpants, just as there is always a great tailored blazer to her sneakers.


How To Dress Like Zoe Kravitz?

It is not that much about the things she is wearing as much it is about her radiant personality and ability to turn every look into a statement. “Not giving a damn” is read in everything she wears. Punk and boyish or glamorous and chic, her attitude is what dresses Zoe. Her thriving self-awareness is truly inspiring. She is a perfect example of how one may use dressing up to express personality.

So if Zoe Kravitz is the celebrity whose style you would like to recreate, the best way about it would be to define what you truly want and go for it. Choosing your comfort over trends seems very Zoe-like.


How To Dress Like Jaime Xie?

Jaime Xie is an uprising fashion star whose shining is impossible to miss. This reality TV star pulls one look after another like a stylist on steroids. Jaime snatches anything hot and new and mixes it up in a way that seems like she is saying: “You cannot do that, but I can!”.

While you might not necessarily be a fan of every outfit she wears (at her speed, it gets hard to judge where she has scored and missed), Jaime is certainly the one to look at in search of luxury fashion experimenting guidance. 



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