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The it girls proclaimed the next couple of seasons to be focussed on Miu Miu. Therefore, there is not one but two Miu Miu bags in our curation this week. The it girls also proclaimed the color grey to be the it color this winter, and that's why we have three grey bags selected. From the cozy Bottega suede to the screaming Gucci metallic, there is a shade of grey for any taste, really. Perhaps one thing to keep in mind is that the it bags tend to come and go relatively quickly; therefore, we held our selection under the 4k. So whenever the time comes to retire your it bag, the purchase won't feel like the worst idea ever. Do not worry; bags do not go out of style as quickly as clothes, and when it comes to iconic brands like Bottega Veneta, there has not been a single bag ready for retirement since the brand's reset. 


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While we highly cherish our relationships with SAs and appreciate the so-ever sweet care they take of us, the end game is always the desired bag. So, if the comforting welcome of luxury stores is your typical routine, which you're ok to skip for a day, let's focus on the bags and get straight to business. The luxury resale (only the trusted ones, of course) is about the most direct shopping experience you can get. There are only two key questions: what is the bag of your desire? How much are you willing to spend? Once the two answers align, the process is smooth and quick; the next thing you know, you carry your dream bag with no pre-spend or any other formalities of physical flagship shopping. Below, we selected some serious investments: nothing to play with, no flirting, only love at first sight. While the prices are really out there (one may say skyrocketing), these iconic bags stood the test of time and deserve the title of some of the best investments in the luxury bags sector. 




In our vision, corporate chic is a tasteful combination of quiet luxury with the pinch of "let them see and take notes of me." So, for your office looks, we selected bags that are equally discreet and statement. Depending on your laptop situation, we also threw a couple of practical and equally desirable options. Have a look at The Row, Bottega Veneta, and Saint Laurent bags we've selected. And if you prefer to commute light-handed, the Celine and Gucci crossbodies are ideal for you. P.S. While we are aware of how bold the color red is, we have two things to say: firstly, this is the color of the season (which is already a reason enough), and secondly, as we checked it in person, the Horsebit 1955 in red is a true work of art. 




Minimalistic style and quiet luxury trend walk hand in hand. So it is your time to shine, minimalistic girlies, a.k.a. The Row lovers. From your office hours with a practical Loewe Flamenco XL tote to your new matcha spot-discovering Sundays with the Khaite Small Sara. We stayed within your preferred neutral color palette, leaning it toward the weather-appropriate tones.