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Enjoy the weekly selection of luxury shoes passionately curated by our stylists. From the beloved by everybody Amina Muaddi pumps and the new edition of the glamorous Mach&Mach flats to chunky Rick Owens' and extravagant Khaite's. We select the most attention-worthy brands from the world's best online boutiques.

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MIU MIU                              

Stretch-nappa-leather thong boots



Toy leather pumps



La 16 95 denim sandals



45MM Leather Open-Toe Booties



Pralu logo-embellished leather sandals



Knot leather-trimmed sandals



VLOGO canvas-jacquard knee boots



Logo embroidered espadrilles



Toy leather mules



Padlock embellished zebra-print satin pumps



105mm ultra-fine straps sandals



Triangle-logo ballerina shoes

Selection of The Best Luxury and Designer Shoes For Women 2023

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, we beg to disagree because what would a fashion lover ever do without their trusty pairs of favorite shoes? While it is common knowledge that the right pair of heels can complete or alter a look, owning a few pairs of comfort-oriented shoes is equally important. Luckily, after reviewing the moment’s hottest luxury shoe brands, we established our top 5 must-have designer shoes for your closets. From Amina Muaddi shoes to Loewe sneakers. Keep in mind these are just some of our favorite brands, and there are more to be discussed soon! 

Probably one of the most popular and sought-after shoe designers at the moment, Amina Muaddi is the first to come up in the LFA picks of the best heels a girl can have in her collection. Stating the obvious, the glitz and glam are there, alongside a variety of colors, prints, and styles - in short, a shoe lover’s wonderland. To top this off, they are believed to be among the most comfortable options for party shoes, thanks to the distinct shape of the heel. When it comes to the way Amina Muaddi shoes fit, we received diverged opinions, coming to the conclusion that before investing in a pair, what would be best is to try on the different styles of Aminas, as the sizing differs with each model, thus finding yourself in need to size up or down.

Gianvito Rossi 

Next in our selection comes, without a doubt, the classic Gianvito Rossi. While it is clearly not part of the same aesthetic category as the first two luxury shoe designers mentioned until now, it is still a top choice in our must-have heel selection. If not for their famous high degree of comfort, then for the timelessness and elegance of their designs, Gianvito Rossi has been constantly a favorite, not just for fashion lovers but also for celebrities and content creators. If you do not like to take chances when investing in a designer item, Gianvito Rossi shoes are right up your alley, as they are known to fit true-to-size, even with trickier models, such as the stiletto. To sum it up, while we are big supporters of sparkly heels, every girl must find that pair of simple heels that goes with everything. For this specific category, Gianvito Rossi must take the first prize, as the brand is the leader in classic styles and subtle yet feminine color palettes.

Mach & Mach 

The twin sister of Amina Muaddi is, of course, Mach & Mach. Always competing for the number one spot in terms of princess shoes, the two brands are fairly similar if we consider the ever-present note of sparkle dominating their designs. Yet, for a fashion enthusiast, the differences are apparent! While Aminas give you that boost of edge and coolness, Mach & Mach heels rest on the classier, girlier side. Once again, offering a wide range of colors and styles, the right pair of Mach & Mach pumps simply can not miss from your shoe collection. Believe it or not, their pointed-toe pump is viewed as one of the most comfortable pairs of heels, despite their shape, and the go-to option for a party night out for many ladies. If you ask us, thus style is indispensable as it comes with a series of benefits. Not only this model of Mach & Mach is said to be true-to-size, but a pair like this is highly versatile, being compatible with different looks, be it a mini feather dress or paired with a pair of baggy jeans and a simple T-shirt. 

Getting back to the funky colors and patterns trend, we are here to serve some disco-inspired goodness, courtesy of The Attico. When we think of this brand, we can’t help but picture their iconic oversized block heel, and we can’t be the only ones! The it-girl favorite heel doesn’t only serve looks but is also an ally to comfort due to its shape. Speaking of comfort, the Luz and Devon mules are not the only contestants - the Attico lace-up pumps are also a great option that offers the best of both worlds - statement but 100% comfy, provided by the support given by the straps wrapping around the ankles. However, for this particular brand, we have come across different opinions, especially regarding the block-heeled mules, which are viewed by some as unpractical and too heavy to walk in. In cases like this, it eventually comes down to each person’s feet, so we recommend trying them out and deciding for yourself. Pro-tip, The Attico shoes are luckily true-to-size, so you will not encounter any difficulties in this department. 

Finally, to complete our list of shoe must-haves, we are finishing with a bold option, and that is Loewe. The chances you’ve missed the art-like, unique heels carried by Loewe are likely nonexistent, as they have been the talk of the fashion industry for some time now. Featuring random objects like nail polish bottles, cracked eggs, or roses, the Loewe heels have taken everyone by surprise and provided a whole new meaning to statement shoes. Look-wise, these designer heels are all you could ask for; however, if you value comfort above all, this may not be the right choice for you, as they are not particularly classified in the list of high-comfort designer shoes. Regarding the fit of these art-piece beauties, no need to worry about sizing, as they run true-to-size, marking them online shopping safe.

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