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The Most Popular The Attico Models

The Attico Rem


Have you thought of a perfect-heeled sandal? Well, The Attico has! Rem's unique design makes it super recognizable, which plays well considering how appreciated The Attico currently is. The wide front strap brings comfort, while the joining heel stands for the style. Go for the neon colors to get all the attention possible!

The Attico Cheope

A sculptured platform as an alternative to your typical heel has definitely become a classic. The Attico is offering its branded version with Cheope pumps. This shoe is everything you ever wanted; extravagant, sexy, chic, and so ever seductive! Cheope also seems to be a great luxury shoe investment, as a silhouette like this one lives outside of trends and seasons!

The Attico Luz


Pink is among the favorite colors at The Attico, and we’ve seen it in various shades and textures. The style taking the spotlight today is the Luz Fuchsia Mule, with a glittery finish. This combo is an over-the-top statement that would elevate any outfit, as it combines the bold color choice with the bulkiness of its heel. We can’t help but obsess over the barbie meets edgy look it offers.

The Attico Venus


We all know a good pair of pumps are a must-have in every girl’s closet, and what better way to spice it up than some irresistible straps to enhance the ankle? One of our top picks for the Venus sling-back is the ‘sky-blue’ version, which gives that pop of color while remaining soft and elegant. However, if you prefer a more daring version, you can trade these for the fuchsia ones, which are definitely hard to miss.

The Attico Devon


As for what is probably The Attico’s most iconic shoe, our winner is the Devon Black and White Mule, showcasing an extravagant zebra-print representation of the disco era. It calls out for the ultimate fashionistas who love having fun in their looks but also feel comfortable.

The Attico Shoes

When we think of crazy colors and funky disco-inspired prints, our mind goes straight to The Attico brand. The signature heel shape and unique structure of the heels got the brand imprinted in our memory in the first place, but it's the It girl fans repping the go-to party shoes who took it a step further. 

Are The Attico shoes comfortable? 

Even a first look at the brand's shoes immediately makes us think of comfort, and we've got to thank the chunky shape of the heels for that. However, investing in a good pair of shoes can't be done just by observing, so we gathered the opinions of luxury consumers who tested our comfy heel theory. As predicted, it was confirmed that the block heel provides high support, making The Attico shoes perfect for a long night out or even a full day of errands. And without exception, the same goes for their pumps, and not just for the Luz and Devon mules. Contrary to popular belief, even their strappy pumps provide comfort, making many luxury shoppers pick them as their go-to going-out shoe. 



How do The Attico shoes fit?

While most fashionistas claim The Attico shoes to be some of the most comfortable pairs they own, some reviews need more confidence. 

Some ladies who prioritize comfortable and reliable beauty that serves their everyday life find The Attico Devon quite unpractical. According to their feedback, the block heel is way too heavy, making it difficult to walk at a normal speed while their entire foot slides down, applying too much pressure on the step, which, as a result, cuts into their skin. 


Although this sounds like a struggle, keep in mind such details are purely based on the shape of your foot. Purchasing a pair of Devons, you should consider the silhouette of your feet (this will heavily affect your overall comfort) and how far you are willing to go for the sake of fashion. After all, there is nothing wrong with taking a cab, as some statement shoes are simply made for beauty and nothing more, yet we still love them, don't we? 

Are The Attico shoes true to size?

You can surely rely on the fact that The Attico shoes come precisely true to size. There are no unfortunate surprises here; this makes The Attico an easy shoe to buy online. However, when choosing between half of a size, it is better to go up rather than down. 



Choose the aesthetic and see what outfits and fashion tips the LFA stylists prepared for you. We make shopping feel personalized and fun, helping you buy only things you like and will actually wear. 


The Attico shoes price

Regarding the pricing, The Attico is a brand meant to be collected for a long time. As extravagant as it is, nostalgia is a huge inspiration behind the brand’s designs. The Attico is mainly known as a luxury streetwear brand; their signatures include edgy going-out pieces and bold statement heels. One of the most sought-after pieces of the brand is their jeans. The Fern long pants, to be exact, are a pair of oversized cargo denim jeans with a curved-out silhouette on the legs. This pair of jeans ranges from 890 euros (960 USD) to 1070 euros (1155 USD), depending on the uniqueness of the colorways. The Attico is recognizable for its use of prints, with a light yellow cheetah print as the signature one. This print can be seen on t-shirts and dresses. If you are interested in having an item featuring this infamous print, the starting price for the Kilie light yellow t-shirt will be 420 euros (455 USD). But, if you want a unique piece, you could opt for the Silvye light yellow mini t-shirt, which is priced at 770 euros (830 USD).



Now, onto the topic you are probably here for: the prices of their celebrity-loved shoes start from 560 euros (605 USD) to 1850 euros (1999 USD). However, it’s not difficult to find the pieces on sale; you can find pieces with discounts of up to 30-40% on your favorite retail websites like Mytheresa or Luisaviaroma. If you are looking for something in the price range of under 650 euros (705 USD), the Piper, Rem, or Luz might be the perfect heels for you. In terms of shapes, these heels are definitely more on the simpler side, but you could always spice it up with the selection of fun, bright colors. If you prefer comfort, there are plenty of loafers and low-heeled sandals that cost around 570-590 euros (615 - 635 USD). For the ones who want to go for the cult classic, the Devon models are definitely the one for you. This model starts from 540 euros (583 USD) for the short-heeled version of the Devon mules, but the classic ones are priced at 640 - 690 euros (690 - 745 USD); in addition to that they have unique versions of the Devon model including ones with crystals, glitters, or an exclusive zebra pattern for prices starting at 730 euros (789 USD) - 890 euros (789 - 960 USD). Want to dive into the edgy rockstar aesthetic? Look no further than the Dada boots from The Attico, priced at 1850 euros (1999 USD). This pair of slouchy boots is the most expensive The Attico shoe model yet, and for a good reason: the material of these boots is said to be one of their most comfortable so far.

celebreties wearing the attico shoes

Which celebrities wear The Attico shoes?

Naturally, since Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini founded the brand - one of Instagram's most prominent figures in the fashion scene; it doesn't come as a surprise that their shoe styles have instantly rubbed off their celebrity friends. Since the beginning of the brand in 2016, we've spotted numerous style icons rocking a pair of The Attico heels, among which we have Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Shay Mitchell, and Dua Lipa. One thing is for sure, no matter who wears them, these funky heels never miss the fashion scene.  

Kylie Jenner wearing The Attico mules

Over the years, Kylie Jenner has become one of The Attico's top brand ambassadors, seeing her pick out almost every style released by the brand. And pairing it with her it girl outfits, be it day or night. We love it the most when Kylie pairs her colorful The Attico pumps with one of the bold colors Hermes Birkin bag. We've seen it in numerous paparazzi shots and, nonetheless, on her Instagram, where the Kylie Cosmetics founder immediately set the trend among her followers with a pair of neon green Devon mules. That's not the only time the queen of makeup showcased a pair of The Atticos, as he often shares snapshots of her shoe closet, revealing her collection of heels from the brand. 

kylie jenner wearing the attico shoes

What is the most popular The Attico shoe model?

We love all The Attico shoe styles, but one, in particular, created the most buzz around the brand and continues to this day to be a cult favorite. If you haven't already guessed, we're talking about the one and only Devon mule. It's the unmissable shape of the block heel that sticks to everyone's mind, but what definitely helps is the variety of crazy colors and prints. It's not every day you see a square-toe, bulky heel, zebra-print mule. 


Bringing back heavy influences of the disco era, the color palette of The Attico is undoubtedly what helped bring the brand to the center of celebrity favorites. The motif of unique-shaped heels continues to rule over the brand, as they constantly come out with fresh styles for fashion enthusiasts to discuss. The Cheope pump is no exception, especially the flashy, neon pink one. However, if you're not crazy about the funky colors, you can always opt for the sleek and classy black option of the Cheope pump. 


We see the same theme among the brand's whole shoe range, whether they are heeled shoes or not. For instance, their obsession with feathers is often seen on The Attico dresses but also spotted on their Selene flat slippers. So, if you're among the people who prefer absolute comfort and would trade a pair of heels for a trusty flat any day but still want that wow factor, the Selenes are the ones for you. 

The Attico vs Amina Muaddi vs Mach & Mach

 At this point, we can all agree that no matter the shoe style, The Attico definitely lies on the edgy side of the spectrum, and obviously, their signature shapes and prints define them. However, there are other brand options for the glam-lovers who prefer to stay on the more classic side of it. How could we ever forget about Amina Muaddi shoes or Mach & Mach? While these brands provide the same effect in glamorous shoes, the styles and colors offer a softer, classier feel compared to The Attico. Regardless, all three brands share the it-shoe quality desired by all fashion lovers. 

amina muaddi vs Mach and Mach

How Did The Attico Start?

As we mentioned, we have Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini to thank for this one-of-a-kind phenomenon in luxury fashion. Sharing a passion for fashion and glamour, the Italian duo fused their contrasting yet equally beautiful styles into the brand that got us all obsessed today. By combining their different personalities and stylistic views, the two managed to create an unforgettable mix of opulence and elegance that translates into a modern vintage vibe. 

Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini
The Attico shoes

The Attico shoes: Pros and Cons

The Attico shoes Pros

- The it shoes of the moment

- Easily recognizable 

- Unique designs

- Fairly priced

The Attico shoes Cons

- Might be uncomfortable for everyday errands 

- Express too much personality for those who enjoy classic simplicity

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