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The Attico Fashion Brand

Is it the feathers, is it the sequins, or is it the bold colors making everyone obsess over the Attico ever since it launched almost 7 years ago? Founded by the iconic Italian BFF duo - Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini, The Attico is a stylish cocktail of funky, 80’s inspired, one-of-a-kind pieces that never miss from any it girl’s closet.

Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini

Let’s take it back to the pre-Attico age in order to better understand the inspiration and motivations of our two favorite poster girls to found their label that would later often become sold-out over 140 international retailing platforms, including Net-a-Porter and MatchesFashion. Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini met through a common friend, and both kickstarted their careers in the fashion industry, working as consultants for different publications, brands, and celebrities. Surely we have all seen either Gilda or Giorgia at some point on Instagram, probably during fashion week, as they often got many photographers hooked on their easy-to-spot styles, making them the go-to inspo sources for fashion junkies and further boosting their career in the fashion world through constant buzz and exposure.

Tordini revealed to BoF, “I cannot hide that Gilda and I had [such] big exposures that at the beginning [it] helped to let people know that we were launching a new brand”, and that is 100% true since back in 2016 when The Attico was launched, the very first collection was rapidly sold out over 70 global retailers. Once again, following the pattern we’ve seen with Amina Muaddi and her luxury shoe brand, social media is a key tool to grow and spread out a brand at present.

Personal Style Of The Attico Founders

As a result of multiple interviews with the ever-stylish founders, it became clear that their personal style is often contradictory, once again proving that opposites do, in fact, attract. While Ambrosio prefers bold and quite diverse fashion, Tordini balances out the equation by leaning more toward simple, minimalistic themes. However, by combining the two, you get an unexpected, opulent couture line featuring a perfectly fused feel of both of their styles.

The Attico Launch Of The Year Award

Soon after launching, The Attico experienced great success, catching the eye of everyone, from A-list celebrities draping the red carpets in the street-style queens’ designs, to fashion addicts worldwide mixing and matching the brand in day-to-day wear or party looks, highlighting its versatility. No wonder the brand received the Launch of the Year at the Footwear News Achievements Awards in its first year of existence.

The Attico Brand Style

So, what is it that makes The Attico stand out? While we would love to give all the credit to the crazy color palette, the play-on textures, and the direct connection to ‘80s style, we must touch up on a less evident but equally important aspect - the founders’ extreme opposite styles. Finding the balance between the two polarities is what makes the brand fun and what attracts all The Attico lovers. The provocative and unexpected architecture of the clothing is one of the characteristics catching our eye, as Tordini explains:

“It’s just a feeling based on the perfect combination of a shape, a color, or a fabric. Sometimes you just know that piece is going to be loved by women as much as you love it.”

Ambrosio adds

“And overall, it feels alluring, provocative, and smart. We make emotional dresses’ for sensual women,”

The Attico Resort 2023

A perfect example of the two designers trying to fuse two styles into one would be the Resort 2023 collection, which was recently launched. The collection narrates some dazzling New Year’s Eve party looks, once again playing with the architecture and fluidity of the clothing, featuring sequins on men and oversized menswear on women. The campaign revolves around the idea of community, photographing a group of boys and girls on a road trip.

“We’ve had men buying our oversized cargos and bombers from day one,” Ambrosio and Tordini highlighted. “So it seemed fitting to acknowledge, since it’s something real that happened without us planning any such selling strategy. It’s neither an ideological nor an aspirational choice. It’s just the way it is.”

The Attico As A Lifestyle Brand

Looking at the brand’s future, we can expect a shift outside just the fashion zone in the future, as the designers revealed to Business of Fashion “what we would love is to create a world that we started narrating with clothing and accessories and adding furniture, books and eventually make a platform that’s going to contain all these objects and you can navigate around the world of Attico.” What can we say more than we are dying to see how the funky themes of The Attico translate into a lifestyle version of the brand, going a distance further from just The Attico shoes and clothes.


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