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When it comes to a good outfit, little details tell your story. With that said, your accessories must be the most up-to-date reflection of current fashion. Whether you just take your dog on a relaxed walk and make a quick stop at Cafe Kitsune or go to a long-awaited Sunday brunch with the girlies, we know that your accessories will play a big part in your girl therapy. Hence, this is our curation of the latest must-have accessories from your favorite luxury fashion e-commerce platforms. 




Spring is here, and your accessory collection is getting updated accordingly. Hats are being switched to hair clips, and cozy knitted scarves are being replaced by chic silk ones. Another exciting thing is expanding your sunglasses collection. While you are busy getting fine restaurant reservations on sunny terraces, we will ensure you have all the necessary accessories to elevate your spring looks. 

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We know you are busy. So, we chose your accessories carefully, ensuring they are just as practical as status-claiming. We also made sure to have a bit of everything for any occasion. Whether it is an important lunch meeting where you must lean towards your classy side or a quick run to your favorite designer coffee shop near the office, our stylists thought of both and chose accessories accordingly. 




Your fashion accessories must be timeless, elegant, and, most importantly, cute. After all, a picture of your daily matcha from that new trendy coffee shop will be much more TikTok-worthy if it includes a cute accessory. The key is to keep it looking effortless while you have already subconsciously thought everything through. 



selection of the best luxury and designer fashion accessories for women 2023

Perfection lies in details. Like a brush stroke on a canvas, accessories are the fine details of your outfit. Whether it takes an intuition or a stylist's vision, accessories will complete your look, expressing your personal style and creativity. When playing with these details, you can make a girly dress look sporty and turn your boyfriend's T-shirt into a part of a classy and sophisticated outfit that you can wear to the office. While clothes sketch a silhouette, accessories fill in all the necessary gaps to elevate the outfit. The entire direction can be easily switched depending on the accessories you choose. So is it that bad if you and your friend have accidentally bought the same dress? As long as you accessorize it, the two looks will never be identical!  Usually, when hearing the word "accessories", the first things that come to mind are sunglasses and hats. However, the range of fashion details is far more generous. From statement hair barrettes to trendy keychains, the choice of fashion accessories is nearly unlimited. For that, LFA has opened a shopping section dedicated to accessories. Carefully selecting the most exciting pieces, we share our stylish finds with you weekly!

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