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The Most Popular Amina Muaddi Models

Amina_Muaddi_Gilda .webp

Although it has been a while since Gilda entered the fashion scene, this simple-to-style heeled sandal is still going strong and not going anywhere. If you are a proud fashion enthusiast, you should probably make sure to own at least one pair of Gilda’s before moving on to the more recent Muaddi models. The Gilda model is perfect for all-night-long parties and mini dresses, as the shoes would bring a nice touch of minimalistic femininity to your club look.

Amina_Muaddi_Lupita_wedge .webp

Although this model skips the beloved heel and doesn’t feature the desirable Begum crystal embellishment, the Lupita wedge has such a recognizable silhouette that makes it very hard to confuse this shoe with any other shoe brands. Simple, clean, and quite a nostalgic style make it a truly must-have summer shoe. Add Lupita to your wardrobe basics, and you won’t regret it.

Amina_Muaddi_Begum_sling .webp

As you probably have already guessed, this model takes the first place on our Amina Muaddi list. There are two things that make these slings irresistible - the Art Deco-inspired crystal embellishment and the signature pyramid heel, which you won’t find with any other brand thanks to the trademark. Overall, the Begum sling has a very flattering silhouette that goes so ever well with various types of looks, from gala gowns to party mini dresses and to casual jeans. Believe it or not, despite its extravagance, the Amina Muaddi Begum sling is a truly universal shoe. Try styling one of the bold & glam colors the Begum model comes in with blue jeans and a simple white T-shirt, and you will see how your coffee-break look turns into a trendy cocktail outfit. 


Muaddi’s Rosie is perhaps a somewhat more modest alternative to another luxury shoe-phenomenal Match & Mach, known for its cinderella-reminding crystal-bow heels. Rosie is perfect if you are into crystal embellishments, specifically glamorous bows, yet looking for something slightly more casual and much easier to style and wear on repeat. These heels would make a perfect compliment to an elegant yet flirtatious evening dress.

Amina_Muaddi_Robyn_sandal  .webp

It is hard to imagine a sandal more elegant than Amina’s Robyn. The crystal buckles add charm to so ever feminine straps, the position of which really compliments the foot silhouette. If you like for people to recognize the brands you are wearing, the signature heel will ensure they know you took your Aminas for a walk. If you have any gala events coming up and you need something extraordinary, we suggest going with the elegant pair of Robyns. The chic crystal buckle and minimalistic straps would make it very easy to style the shoe with any gown or an evening dress.

Amina Muaddi Review 2023

From Rihanna to your local Instagram influencer, there are hardly any luxury shoe lovers left who wouldn't own at least one pair of Amina Muaddi's glamorous pumps. Hate it or love it, these attention-grabbing original heels are everywhere and most likely not going anywhere anytime soon.

Are Amina Muaddi shoes comfortable? 

While the level of any shoe's comfortability stays a matter of personal perception, based on many details, it is fair to say that Amina Muaddi designer does not disappoint. The once fashion stylist gave us a brand that quickly got approved and praised for its comfort. It is truly impressive to see how the shoe styles so glamorous and extravagant manage to serve your feet so ever well. When asking luxury customers for the most comfortable heels they have ever owned, many name Amina Muaddi shoes to be their favorites, even when it comes to all-night-long partying, which in our opinion, says it all. 

How do Amina Muaddi shoes fit?

When it comes to any luxury shoe investment, it is in your best interest to first try and see for yourself. While most women don’t make any common complaints, we did come across some comments suggesting that sometimes the Muaddis tend to differ slightly depending on the batch. Meaning you might find the length of the sandal straps to be wider or narrower than expected. However, this matter does not seem to escalate to the point where you should seriously worry or reconsider purchasing the Muaddis online. 

Are Amina Muaddi shoes true to size?

As a general rule, yes! Aminas fit true to size. While most customers have happily declared their pair is a perfect match to their regular shoe size, if you soon find yourself in search of a pair of your own, keep in mind the different styles of the brand. While a classic pump may fit you like a glove, it might not be the case for a pair of sandals. It all comes down to each and every foot silhouette, so our tip would be to try out different styles until you find one to suit you best.


Which celebrities wear Amina Muaddi?

To be honest, who doesn’t wear Amina Muaddi? One thing we know for sure, all the cool girls do, and we are constantly spotting a pair of transparent pumps here and funky colored mules there, especially on our favorite celebs and it girls - Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, the Hadid sisters, you name it! 

Kendall Jenner wearing Amina Muaddi Heels

Kendall Jenner seems to be one of Muaddi’s most loyal customers, serving as an unofficial brand ambassador as she is often seen wearing a pair of Amina heels in her public outings. As far as Kendall’s outfits go, we can say we’ve seen it all - some model-off-duty vibes paired with the clear PVC Begum pumps, a crystal Gilda sandal moment to spice up a simple dress, and of course, a pair of animal print mules to go with a little summer outfit. Simple and minimalistic or sexy and chic, it seems like the model got a pair of Amina Muaddi heels for every occasion.


What is the most popular Amina Muaddi shoe model?

It was the Amina Muaddi Begum pumps that successfully put the brand on the luxury fashion map back in 2018.  Although the brand has since introduced numerous tempting and very much wanted models, it is still the Begum pumps that are most common on our wishlist. Perhaps, it is thanks to the irresistible Begum crystal detail that Amina Muaddi stays among the top wanted luxury shoe brands almost five years after its launch.


One may take a guess and reasonably imagine that the Amina Begum design was, one way or another, inspired by the iconic Manolo Blahnik Hangisi. Back in the 00s, with the influence of Carrie Bradshaw, the popularity of the Hangisi model escalated to its maximum, securing the shoe's permanent top position on the list of the most iconic and essential-to-have luxury shoes of all time. You don't need to own a pair of Blahnik's to firmly remember the blue shoe that Mr. Big proposed with to Carry in the first Sex and The City movie. 

Fast-fording a few decades, Amina Muaddi Begum sling made its entrance, and this time around, it was the young rising designer Amina who made us return to the chic crystal embellishments and glamorous silhouettes. Despite the nostalgic reference (whether intentional or not) to the timeless Manolo Blahnik Hangisi, there is one detail that makes Amina Muaddi Begum truly unique, and that is its signature pyramid heel which is wisely trademarked. 

Sarah Jessica Parker in Manolo Blahnik

There is perhaps one more thing that seems to be similar in the rising popularity of both, Hangisi and Begum shoe models. That would be the support from the style icons of the fashion periods each model was released in. Today the timeless HBO series Sex and The City may seem to be just a nostalgic fashion guide through the late 90s and early 00s fashion. However, at the time of its release, fashionistas all over the world most certainly lived by it. So any fashion brand praised by one of the show's four main characters would instantly gain retail success. While all four women had distinctive personal styles, and each had its input on the fashion scene of the time, Carrie Bradshaw's influence traveled outside the tv series. The Bradshaw character turned the actress Sarah Jessica Parker into the ultimate fashion mogul whose style influence spread worldwide (that was long before the social media fashion influencers came into the picture). Manolo Blahnik received double exposure by not only being mentioned in numerous episodes of Sex and the City but also with Parker wearing the Manolo's at multiple red-carpet events. It was then that Manolo Blahnik became the must-have luxury shoe brand, which remains today. 


Rihanna Wearing Amina Muaddi 

Now the fashion icon title fairly belongs to the nine Grammy Awards winner Rihanna. Meaning any fashion brand supported by the singer will not go unnoticed. Needless to say, once Rihanna, who also happens to be Amina Muaddi’s good friend, started appearing wearing extravagant heels and the paparazzi photos traveled online, it was a matter of a couple of days for anybody still unaware to pick up the Amina Muaddi trend.

How Did Amina Muaddi Start?

Although Rihanna’s support was an undeniable help, Amina’s own social media popularity played a significant role. Some may have already forgotten that before becoming a top shoe designer, Amina Muaddi managed to build a highly successful career as a fashion influencer on Instagram. Her glamorous, full-of-confidence style had surely made Amina a fashion trendsetter. With a background in fashion styling, the young entrepreneur turned her name into a brand before launching the Amina Muaddi shoe brand.

Scroll up to see the list of our favorite Amina Muaddi shoe models and find out what we suggest to wear those tempting Muaddis with!

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