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With prices of designer fashion rising higher than ever, it is crucial the pieces you buy bring you the most satisfaction and use. While at LFA, we are obsessed with fashion trends and always stay in the loop of everything exciting in fashion; we also believe whatever you buy should, most importantly, suit your personality. Knowing your style and buying a piece that matches your wardrobe will make it easy to come up with more looks and get more wear for your money.

With that said, experimenting, mixing and matching, and crossing aesthetics are fun, and you shouldn’t miss out on that. For that, we created four key fashion styles (City Girl, It Girl, Birkin Mom, Matcha Minimalist) to inspire you. See what fits your vibe and shop the selection prepared by the LFA fashion stylists.


Your wardrobe is the moment. The brands in your closet must be currently leading the fashion industry. It bags, it shoes, and it clothes. Every look must be picture-worthy.



Sophisticated, quiet luxury, and corporate chic, these are the pillars of your wardrobe. However, every outfit must be spiced up with some statement pieces, accessories, investment-worthy bags, and the must-have shoes of the season.



Classy is timeless. So is your wardrobe. Elegant silhouettes, gracefully feminine clothes, bags, and shoes that don’t go out of style, accompanied with dreamy fine jewelry.    



Soft colors, chic minimalism, stylish comfort, and ever-lasting quality. Your wardrobe never goes out of style, making every purchase so ever practical.


Farfetch Experience and Order Review

When it comes to social media, many online stories take a life of their own and, once taken to the comments section, step too far from the actual truth and reality. It seems like the same happened to Farfetch. Despite well-curated visual content on Instagram, there are plenty of hateful comments under the Farfetch posts. Trying to understand how a company with years of experience, earned trust in the luxury fashion sector, and a killer brand curation would suddenly be undergoing such harsh criticism, we came across three primary speculations, which, in our opinion, went out of hand and lost any legitimate direction. 

P.S. These days, when reading negative comments, it is also important to know if any of those comments came from the actual Farfetch customers or from simply bored crowds. 

Is Farfetch going bankrupt?

These concerns were not speculations but quite reasonable predictions; now that Coupang purchased Farfetch (a deal that had been finalized in January 2024), it seems like a restructuring and a more sensible reinvention of Farfetch are what to be expected (although we are still not quite sure how and when) rather than a final shut down. However, while the focus shifted from concerns to hopes, the aftertaste of the bankruptcy talk stayed.


While the Farfetch acquisition is indeed an exciting topic, unless you hold any shares in the company, there is nothing to worry about. If you are a curious online customer who would like to know, it should not affect your shopping habits or bring any concerns.


This type of “living on the edge” status results from risky, as one may say reckless, corporate strategies and not B2C commercial activities. Ever since Farfetch invested in fashion brands like Off-White and Palm Angels, one risky decision kept coming after another. This eventually led to a 97 percent drop in the Farfetch shares value at some point back in 2023.


The deal with Coupang has also left many people wondering, as it seemed rushed and poorly priced, with no comments from either side.


While all these corporate stains sure don't look like groundbreaking business practices, they have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the Farfetch operations and order safety, as far as a consumer's concern goes.

Why Farfetch prices are more expensive?

Farfetch is not a stock-holding boutique. Instead, when you place an order,  it connects you to thousands of stores worldwide that offer their stock. This structure allows you to shop your favorite brands from various sources and helps you find the most-wanted and rare pieces that might be sold out on other big online platforms, such as Net-a-Porter, Ssense, Mytheresa, etc. While this is a very convenient way of online shopping, it has its downside, such as price fluctuation. When browsing, you may find that the price of an item differs depending on the size you select; this is because the item would be sourced from a different store that sells this item at a different price.


Double-checking the price and having to overpay sometimes is annoying to any customer. However, when searching for a specific brand or item that is nearly impossible to find online, you benefit from the wide range of Farfetch’s retail partners.

Is it safe to buy from Farfetch?

With today’s prices on luxury fashion items, the thought of receiving a counterfeit is terrifying. After researching online, you may find some reviews where people share their unpleasant experiences of receiving a fake item instead of the original order. Does this mean Farfetch sells fake, and it is unsafe to buy from this platform? Absolutely not. The explanation is quite simple - with the great stress relief that came with a return order policy, there is now a drop in risk. While most of us surf luxury e-commerce websites for the joy of shopping designer fashion, some people attempt to scam the system by switching the original item for a counterfeit and shipping it back to the retailer for a return order reimbursement. Any e-commerce platform that offers a return policy is subject to a scam attempt.


While knowing this brings worry, it is important to remember that highly trained professionals inspect the returned items carefully to prevent such incidents. However, as any great system has minor defaults, there is some microscopic risk whenever you shop online.

Does Farfetch sell Real or Fake luxury products?

It is shocking having to discuss the possibility of being sold a fake item instead of a real one, especially when it comes to such a fashion e-commerce mogul like Farfetch. However, Farfetch is not under any negative spotlight here, and the problem of fake luxury goods within online shopping is much broader and spreads beyond any specific e-commerce platform. So the best question to ask is how to protect yourself from such unpleasant experiences as a customer.

Perhaps the most reassuring approach to shopping online would be buying items that have not yet been overly exposed on the counterfeit market. Buying new season pieces or unique archives that have not yet or ever become popular among the masses is a great way to protect yourself from fake items. When you receive your package, keep attention to the box your order has arrived in (may it be a shoe box or paper wrap for a dress); it is important to pay attention to the package details.  That said, keep in mind that such logic is only helpful for those who are not entirely comfortable with online luxury shopping in general. As for the frequent luxury shoppers, the tiny odds do not seem worth the time to stress. After all, we all remember the case where several Hermès staff members were accused of switching the original Hermès bags, including the beloved Hermès Birkin bags, and selling the fake ones to their clients. However, that did not stop us from shopping at Hermès and being the brand's loyal customers.

Farfetch Purchase Experience 

After considering all the information from the Farfetch customers, we found the overall order experience quite happy. By all means, as any big luxury fashion e-commerce platform out there, Farfetch has some bad feedback; however, the good feedback from satisfied customers outweighs it. From fast order delivery and international shipping to customer service and refund process, Farfetch delivers a smooth experience that is worth your money.  

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