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The world of luxury hair accessories is quite small, and we rarely hear about exciting new releases. However, there are some hair pieces that truly deserve to be spoken about. The Bow by Ella Gorbo is a brand that creates the kind of statement hair accessories that steal the show and start a conversation!


This single-design-based brand aspires to reinvent the perception of hair accessories. From the first look at these chic and elegant hair bows, you can see that the brand carefully preserves the authentic meaning of luxury. The Bow by Ella Gorbo is passionately devoted to delicate design and artisanship, leaving no space for mass production. The Monaco-based designer Ella Gorbo believes that a woman is a work of art; therefore, the accessory she wears should be nothing less than that. Accessorizing your look with this luxury hair barrette feels like putting on a piece of fine jewelry in your hair. Delicate yet stylish and extravagant, The Bow is truly an art piece. While women of many styles love The Bow, it is especially well embraced among ladies slaying the trend of the Birkin Mom aesthetic.

Inspired by the captivating twinkle of precious stones such as diamonds, Ella Gorbo adorned many of her bows with Swarovski crystals. The sparkle perfectly reflects Ella's inspiration and elevates her elegant accessories to the highest.

The designer devotes her work to the signature silhouette of The Bow. She is constantly exploring new decorative elements. These details transform her hair barrettes and make each bow stand out in its unique way.

Featuring a French hair clip, each bow is crafted using the highest quality materials and intricate details. With materials ranging from sumptuously colored silks to delicate feathers and sparkling, hand-selected, individually applied Swarovski crystals, every bow is a statement piece.

As for the aesthetics and general mood, we see a strong connection with the Amina Muaddi empire, as both brands have a very similar vibe. Glamorous, chic, flirty, colorful, and so much fun, one compliments another. If you wish to complete your look with a pair of trending heels, see our review page, where you will find the best places to buy Amina Muaddi shoes online


Swipe to see each outfit & shop your favorite pieces by clicking on the looks below. 


"Ever since I was a little girl, I was amazed by the natural grace and delightfulness of the princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. I believe her elegance and femininity greatly impacted my style and creative work throughout the years. Later in life, as I moved to Monaco, I wanted to create an accessory that would fuse and visualize the royal charm of Grace Kelly and the luxuriant, fairytale- like aesthetics of Monaco. The Bow became a personal dedication to my muse and the love I have for this unforgettable city. This delicate hair accessory is at once impressively precise and effortlessly chic. The silhouette of my barrette was inspired by the shape of a butterfly, representing the freedom of movement; there is a profound meaning in owning The Bow" - Ella Gorbo.

The unique hair accessories from The Bow by Ella Gorbo reflect the artistic vision and a luxury approach that is so typical to the luxury lifestyle in Monaco. High standards, artistic vision, and lots of glam, sure serve a fair representation of this beautiful city.


Perhaps the most interesting thing about The Bow by Ella Gorbo is how versatile one hair accessory can be. We did a little experiment and styled outfits for entirely different occasions to see if each could possibly look good with one of the bows. Surprisingly, all five styles worked out incredibly well. While this handmade barrette comes with quite a high price, knowing how many outfit variations you can get out of your glam investment is reassuring. 

See each outfit's details and shop your favorite pieces by clicking on the looks below. 

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