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Monaco: When Day Turns to Night

Monaco is a city known for its luxury; it is one of the world's most sophisticated and prestigious places. Everywhere you look, you are met with the glamour and opulence of the French Riviera. When day turns to night, the city offers a wide variety of restaurants, night clubs and casinos providing a captivating experience.


Monaco provides an abundance of delectable cuisine with an extensive array of Michelin star

restaurants showcasing gourmet food from around the world. Lining the quays of Monte Carlo are some of the most refined and contemporary establishments. Establishments such as the Blue Bay Monte Carlo highlight the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and bring an unforgettable experience to the table. The Blue Bay sits in the prestigious Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. The restaurant offers an elegant and contemporary atmosphere giving its guests a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. The cuisine is a fusion of many different cultures, such as Asian, Mediterranean and Caribbean influences taking their guests on a

culinary journey around the globe. Indoors the guests are welcomed by an intimate environment as they watch the culinary team showcase their exceptional skills in their open kitchen. The menu is sure to enhance the guests' experience in Monaco.

Image Source: Blue Bay Monte Carlo

Bar scene

The bar scene in Monaco is most impressive; each place offers something different, so you

are never bored. However, one thing they all have in common is their drive to produce high-quality luxury, ensuring their guests get their money's worth.

As expected, for many places, a suit is required even to enter. However, some places provide a more laid-back experience while also giving a strong sense of prestige. One example is the Buddha-Bar. Being one of the most renowned bars in Monte Carlo, Buddha-Bar is an Asian-inspired establishment located in what used to be an old concert hall from the 20th century.

Inside, the design has a very heavy Asian influence, a modern and fresh sight for the eyes of its' guests. Buddha-Bar is the perfect place for those who want a luxurious experience without paying a significant price. This bar has its large share of signature cocktails that come at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Image Source: Buddha-Bar Monte Carlo

Night club scene

At night the city comes alive because of its beautiful lights and coastal location. In any playground for the rich, one of the most popular activities to showcase one's wealth is to party. Monaco does not disappoint with a wide array of venues for amazing nights and early mornings. The perfect place for the party elite is the Amber Lounge. This club is the ideal place for a summer party and is globally known as Formula 1 after petty destination. Because of this, people are drawn from around the world to come to this nightclub. Not only is Amber Lounge a party establishment, it includes delicious food and then turns into a nightclub at night. The restaurant is located on a beautiful beach providing a fantastic view of the pristine waterfront along with luxurious cocktails. Perfect for people who want to experience the glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo.

Once you are done with nightlife and are slowly returning to your daylight hours, don't leave Europe just yet. Take advantage of being on the border with France and give a few days to Paris. Returning to reality after so much fun can be a bit depressive, but we find that stylish city strolls with a coffee help. Now for TikTok and Pinterest enthusiasts, the best designer coffee shops in Paris will make your autumn walks less routine-ish and more aesthetically pleasing for sure.

Image Source: Amber Lounge Monaco


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