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Things To Know About Amina Muaddi

Amina Muaddi is a 35-year-old shoemaker and accessory designer with Jordanian and Romanian roots. Amina knew that she would become deeply rooted in the luxury fashion world. As she revealed in an interview with Vogue Magazine,

“By the time I was nine, I was determined to work in the fashion industry,”

she explains.

“I was constantly reading magazines and asking my mom how I could get a job in fashion. Obviously, she had no idea. We were living in Jordan and then Romania, and it wasn’t the most open environment. Still, my interests began there.”

As the fashion scene back in her home countries was very limited and not exactly inspo-worthy, Amina often looked up to her mother, who she considered highly elegant and stylish, which is also one of the main reasons behind the interest developed by the designer towards the fashion industry.

The Start of Amina Muaddi's Fashion Journey

To pursue her passion, Amina decided to move to one of the world’s most prominent fashion capitals, Milan, where she completed her studies at the European Institute of Design. To forward her career, she began interning at different prestigious fashion publications, where she worked as a stylist. Some of the most important names are Vogue Italia, Vogue L’Uomo, and GQ New York.

“I love what I do, so it doesn’t feel like a job,” she says. “Fashion is my life, and it takes all my time.”


Even though Muaddi often stated that she loved perfecting looks as a stylist at different media companies, her love for shoes led her to Venice, where Amina developed her shoe-making skills at Riviera del Brenta by learning the secrets of trade, working with local artisans and suppliers.

Amina Muaddi's First Shoe Brand

Finally, in 2013, at the age of 26, Amina Muaddi brought her dreams to reality by co-founding her very first shoe brand, Oscar Tiye, alongside her partner Irina Curutz. At first, the label was a great success, being featured at Milan Fashion Week and kick-started by Amina’s funky and unique Minnie Heel design. However, even though it was a great way to start one’s career in fashion, the designer later revealed that she acknowledges many of the mistakes made throughout her time at her first shoe brand -

“I didn’t know what it meant to be the head of my own business; I didn’t know how hard it would be to set up an exceptional supply chain. But the mistakes I made still nourish my work today,”

she told Soho House in an interview.

Fast forwarding six years later, Amina Muaddi moves to Paris. After cutting ties with Oscar Tiye, she moves on to starting her own brand, originally revolving around party shoes, and later expanding into handbags - ‘the Aminis’, as they were commonly referred to, and high-impact accessories.

Muaddi's Instagram

The designer created her Instagram at the age of 26 and has continued to grow and sell her cool, glamorous lifestyle, which often featured content from her travels around the world. In fact, Amina uses her chosen destinations as fuel to get inspired for her creations. The different elements she absorbed from her travels reflect her eclectic sense of style and cosmopolitan sensibility. Nonetheless, the socialite’s Instagram page is at the core of the brand’s marketing strategy, as Muaddi’s and her friends’ prominent lifestyle is projected onto her brand’s DNA. Amina often features content with her celebrity friends styling her shoes in different outfits, compelling customers to aspire to their kind of lifestyle and, of course, flashy closets. Amina Muaddi maintains a strong relationship with her social media community, communicating with fans and reposting their photos whenever they feature a pair of Amina Muaddi heels. As you have already imagined, the various Amina Muaddi shoe trends roll quickly.

“It’s so cool to see them get excited and happy unboxing their shoes,” she says. “It’s great seeing which ones they get and sharing those moments. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Amina tells Vogue.

It is safe to say that everyone’s obsession with Amina shoes originates from the exclusivity created by the tight-distribution choice approach, but moreover by the celeb cult promoted by the designer. From Kim Kardashian to Rihanna, every fashion-forward celebrity is rocking a pair.

Amina Muaddi's Achievements in Fashion Industry

Looking from the outside, one might think Amina Muaddi checked off everything from her achievement list. The Amina Muaddi heels have claimed the highest fashion and social media tops. However, the designer believes differently, as Amina disclosed to L’Officiel in an interview that she has not yet achieved all of her dreams but rather that she will continue to dream as long as she lives.

Well, we tend to (slightly) disagree - only in the short four years Amina had founded her current brand, she has already received numerous significant rewards and honors, including making the BoF 500 this year, receiving the Winner of Fashion Trust Arabia 2021, being added to the jury in 2022, received Designer of the Year for the 2019 Footwear News Achievement Awards, and finally, the Entrepreneur of the Year by GQ 2022.

We do not know yet what is next for Amina, but we can all agree it will definitely be something exciting! Maybe one day, she can receive the Award of the best designer shoes for women.


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