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  • Bianca Stanciu

Finding Exclusive Amina Muaddi's Shoes

Going from a fashion magazine intern to the creator of the current it-heels, Amina Muaddi took the luxury footwear industry by storm with her instantly recognizable heel architecture and continuous customer selling-out craze.

Having Jordanian-Romanian origins, the 35-year-old designer began her fashion journey at the European Institute of Design in Milan. She kick-started her career in the industry by interning at several established publications such as Vogue Italy and GQ New York, later shifting her focus to shoemaking, being nurtured by the Italian fashion scene, learning the ropes at Riviera del Brenta in the Metropolitan City of Venice, where she co-founded her first shoe brand - Oscar Tiye. Six years later, after moving to Paris, Amina Muaddi interrupted her collaboration with Oscar Tiye and founded the insta-famous and elite celebrity favorite luxury shoe brand carrying her name.

So what is so special about the Amina Muaddi heels, other than the one-of-a-kind flared heel design that causes such constant buzz and demand for her shoes? What makes people constantly keep looking for the newest Amina Muaddi review?

Let’s start off with the it-girl lifestyle of Amina that is always present in the fashion scene, be it street-style paparazzi snapshots or fashion-week appearances. The designer is promoting her cool-glam lifestyle on her social platforms, being active on Instagram not just with content from her personal life but constantly updating followers with looks on all of our favorite celebs wearing her designs. A common theme observed in Muaddi’s marketing strategy is the heavy amount of celebrity endorsement carried out the designer shoes; from Kendall Jenner to Rihanna, everyone who is someone got their hands on a pair of Aminas. Accompanying this strategic direction, the designer also approached a tight-distribution network, choosing just a few esteemed retailers to carry her luxury shoes.

Now let’s focus on one celebrity in particular. Rihanna is one of the most loyal fans of the fabulous must-have heels, and to top this off, she is also one of the first celebrities to endorse the brand, as her celebrity stylist and personal shopper got a few pairs of Amina Muaddi prototypes, back in the brand’s incipient stage. There is no doubt that she loved the shoe line, as not only have we seen an Amina Muaddi x Fenty collab in the past, but also a collaboration featuring the singer’s romantic partner, A$AP Rocky - AWGE x Amina Muaddi, both instantly selling out on the partner retailing platforms.

With the limited availability and marketing strategy revolving around the brand, Amina Muaddi fans are no longer satisfied just by buying from the most popular online retailers; many wish to have exclusive and harder-to-get pairs of Amina Muaddi shoes in their collections. Here is where a luxury online personal shopper steps in. As the pieces become more and more exclusive, the difficulty of acquiring unique pieces is increasing. Many fashion lovers go straight to Instagram for inspiration, and at present, a fashion influencer may seem like the closest thing to a personal fashion stylist. However, while influencers are often a great source of inspiration, their style might not always match what looks good on everyone. Luxury fashion consumers are not only seeking pieces that make them stand out, but also items in which they both feel and look good. In short, they are looking for a personalized shopping experience. If you want to get a unique item in the right size that matches your style and personality, a luxury online personal shopper would be your solution. Traditionally approached by celebrities, this shopping method offers everything from in-depth product suggestions to trend-watching and personalized guidance. Working with a luxury online personal shopper would be the easiest way to access comfortable ways to discover the most exclusive pairs of Amina Muaddi heels and receive a highly personalized shopping experience.

Seeing Aminas on fashionistas worldwide, it has become important for customers to find their own way to style these heels. With 70 global retailers offering their selection of Amina Muddis, the brand’s fans are constantly looking for stylish outfits to showcase their pairs and come up with trend-setting looks. If this is you, then a personal shopper is definitely what you have been looking for!

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