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Make fashion your tool for confidence and self-expression. Have more fun with shopping while only buying things that will make you happy. LFA Stylist will style and curate your current wardrobe and create fashion looks based on your taste and personality, which you can shop online. Our job is to make you look and feel your best every time you get dressed.  


Select Your Personal Stylist Plan

  • My Personal Stylist/Shopper Petit

    Every month
    Have a Personal Stylist working on your looks and wardrobe no matter where you are in the world.
    • 3 Online video consultations with a Stylist (1h each)
    • 12 Exclusive & personalized looks (shopping links included)
    • LFA Members Only Club online membership
  • My Personal Stylist/Shopper Moyen

    Every month
    Have a Personal Stylist working on your looks and wardrobe no matter where you are in the world.
    • 5 Online video consultations with a Stylist (1h each)
    • 20 Exclusive & personalized looks (shopping links included)
    • 2 Accessories Shopping Curations (eg., bags, shoes, jewelry)
    • 50% Discount on LFA Shopping in Paris bookings
    • LFA Members Only Club online membership
  • My Personal Stylist/Shopper Grand

    Every month
    Have a Personal Stylist working on your looks and wardrobe no matter where you are in the world. Tailored Edition.
    • 8 Online video consultations with a Stylist (8h in total)
    • 30 Exclusive & Personalized looks (shopping links included)
    • 5 Accessories Shopping Curations (eg., bags, shoes, jewelry)
    • 1 Complimentary LFA Shopping in Paris booking
    • Text your Stylist on WhatsApp for a quick advice
    • Ask your Stylist to source a specific item for you in Paris
    • LFA Members Only Club online membership






At LFA, we strongly believe that the true meaning of luxury belongs to every detail of your experience. We developed a unique approach to shopping and wardrobe styling to make you feel understood and taken care of from the moment you start browsing online or go through your wardrobe. Without in-person appointments, in the comfort of your own home, not only can you have a video call with a stylist who knows your vision and understands your needs, but you can also receive a unique, styled especially for you, shopping curation. Our personalized outfit layouts are designed to bring you inspiration, elevate your looks, boost your confidence, and bring a luxury touch to online shopping. 


  • Speak with your stylist from the comfort of your home

  • Set the goals & topics you would like to discuss

  • Your personal stylist will consider your taste, lifestyle, personal requests, and so much more

  • Focus on styling your current wardrobe, shopping for new pieces, or both

  • Your LFA stylist is your friend who is here to make you look and feel your best

Like Zendaya's Law Roach, your stylist's goal is to understand your personality and know your wishes and needs to bring you fashion looks that will make you look your best while leaving you feeling empowered, confident, and comfortable. Subscribing to one of the LFA Online Stylist services, you will be introduced to a stylist who will be assisting you from then on. During the first online video call, your stylist will discuss things that will help style a perfect wardrobe for you and assist your fashion needs at the very best. Going over your thoughts on fashion, lifestyle, favorite brands/colors/items in your wardrobe, shopping habits, and budget preferences will allow the LFA Stylist to create a personalized direction in which the stylist will be working to deliver the best results. Having a consistent personal stylist helps build a closer relationship where you can discuss your vision, aspirations, and any aspects of fashion that might bring you insecurities or discomfort. Knowing as much as you would like, your stylist will be working on your wardrobe, considering everything you shared and asked for. Such a personalized approach is designed to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the true luxury of private online shopping. It is totally up to you to decide whether you would like to focus your online video consultations on your current wardrobe and find more stylish ways to bring back life into pieces you have previously purchased, create a capsule wardrobe that is easy to rotate based on your lifestyle or discuss your shopping wishlist, ensuring that everything you buy will serve you well. Avoiding impulsive purchases that lead to overspending is much easier with the help of a personal stylist who can quickly analyze whether the item you consider can easily become part of your current wardrobe or will require some additional shopping and, if so, what exactly should be purchased. Without the inconvenience of in-person appointments and travels to meet up with your personal stylist/shopper, you can simply have a video call from home and receive encouraging style advice. Just like a call to your best friend, only if they were a professional fashion stylist working on your personal fashion image.


  • The most personalized and luxurious online shopping

  • Outfits styled exclusively for you

  • Shopping links to the world's best online stores and luxury brands

  • You can set your shopping budget

  • Choose what occasions you would like to get styled for

  • You can choose what is going to be included in your outfits

  • You can choose which online stores you prefer to shop from


Knowing your aesthetic and personal preferences, your stylist will be sending you fashion looks that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Considering any upcoming special occasions/events and based on your special requests, your stylist will be sending you stylish outfits weekly. Consisting of six items, each outfit will include shopping links to every item individually, allowing you to choose whether you would like to purchase everything from the presented outfit or only a specific item/items. The LFA stylist will guide you through the world's biggest and most well-known shopping platforms. From multi-brand e-commerce platforms like Net-a-Porter, MyTheresa, Ounass, Luisaviaroma, and Farfetch to direct luxury brands websites like Gucci, Khate, and Bottega Veneta and to online boutiques of your favorite department stores like Harrods, Selfridges, Saks, Nordstrom, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette and many others. And if you like designer archive pieces or are willing to invest in a collectible bag, your stylist will include luxury vintage platforms like The RealReal, The Luxury Closet, Rebag, Saks OFF 5th, and others. Based on the country you reside in and your online shopping preferences, you can also choose which website you prefer to receive the majority of your shopping links from. You can also choose what type of items you prefer to see in these outfits and set a budget limit.


  • Become a member of a brand new exclusive private club

  • Exclusive access to shop luxury items on sale shared privately with the LFA members by our stylists

  • You can text the LFA stylists for quick styling/shopping advice for free

  • Connect with influential people

  • Build your exclusive network 

LFA Members Only Club is a brand-new online space created for luxury fashion and lifestyle shopping enthusiasts. Our mission is to build an exclusively private community where like-minded people can connect, get to know each other, exchange shopping/travel/lifestyle advice, and share their experiences online. LFA Members Only Club is a unique space; building it, we focus on the quality and exclusivity of our private community. Here, you will soon be able to find people of similar lifestyles and interests. By subscribing to My Personal Stylist/Shopper online services, you automatically become a member. Now, you can share your thoughts by writing posts/comments on your Profile Page and posting images/videos to share your style inspiration with other fashion enthusiasts. Your personal stylist will welcome you to the LFA Members Only Club and show you how to use this space. While this is a brand new feature, take advantage of becoming one of the very first members, which makes it easy for you to directly message our stylists, receive free-of-charge advice, and be the first one other members will want to connect with and follow once they join. As the LFA Members Only Club grows, it will allow you to build your own quality network of inspiring individuals whom you may not only follow but chat privately with. As a thank you for being the LFA Members Only Club pioneer, our stylists will be sharing their findings of special sales of luxury pieces that they search for weekly. These discounted items will only be published in the Members area and not shown publicly, allowing you to be the first ones to shop for desired items on sale. 


LFA Note: Not sure where to start? Break the ice by sharing pictures or videos of the looks you wear styled by your LFA stylist. 


  • Style your current accessories

  • Know what accessories are best to shop

  • Set your shopping budget

  • Choose the type of accessories your stylist should focus on

  • Improve your accessories rotation  

When it comes to styling a wardrobe, details play a crucial role. Statement accessories differentiate between boringly wearing something and stylishly creating a look. So when you feel like your outfit is one step away from being completed, turn to your accessories collection. Considering things that might be missing in your wardrobe and your aesthetic preferences/requests, your personal stylist will build curations of accessories that will enrich your wardrobe and bring a chic touch to your looks. Each curation will include six accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry, hair accessories, sunglasses, leather goods, etc.) and individual shopping links. You can set the budget limit for your stylist to complete these shopping suggestions and choose which type of accessories you want your stylist to focus on. You can also preselect brands, colors, and other details your stylist should consider. Accessories Shopping Curations are exclusive to your style and wardrobe needs, making them a great tool to eliminate impulsive purchases and make better fashion investments.


  • Meet with your personal stylist in person in Paris 

  • Have your stylist curate your wardrobe at the hotel you stay in

  • Go shopping with your stylist in Paris

When in Paris, take advantage of your Personal Stylist/Shopper subscription by booking a private appointment with a stylist to go shopping or organize your wardrobe at the hotel you are staying in. Discover the Golden Triangle of Paris, St Honore, or browse iconic department stores like Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, and Samaritaine with a personal stylist who already knows your style and preferences. Brought enough clothes and don't feel like shopping? Book a stylist at the hotel to organize your wardrobe by looks for your trip. Based on your subscription plan (Moyen and Grand plans), you can book the service you prefer with a 50% discount or for free! Click here to learn more about the LFA Shopping in Paris bookings.


Need a fashion friend you can rely on? With our Grand subscription, you can text your stylist for quick advice, ask styling questions, or simply stay in touch. 

LFA Note: While your personal stylist/shopper will usually respond instantly, minor delays are possible due to different time zones.


  • Your stylist is also your personal shopper 

  • Ask your stylist to shop for you in Paris

Located in the fashion capital, Parisian boutiques, and flagship stores often carry exclusive items unavailable in other cities/countries. With the Grand plan, you can ask your LFA stylist to go to the store in person to purchase a desired item on your behalf and ship it to you. Once in the store, your stylist will video-call you so you can participate in the shopping process at your convenience.  

LFA Note: Purchasing for you is limited to three store visits a month. After three visits, a fee of 3 percent of the price of your purchase applies to each additional visit. (In this case, you will receive an individual invoice.) All purchases and shipping fees must be made from your bank account. Depending on the item's price, we might suggest that you provide insurance for the day of the purchase and shipping. Please discuss any questions and details with your stylist before you make your shopping inquiry. 

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