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The Best Trending Restaurants and Fine Dining in Paris

We get it; when it comes to Paris, everyone is all about romance, fashion, and art. However, for all the food lovers out there who want to combine all that fashion, art, and authentic Parisian vibes with pop culture, luxury, and high-end dining, we have just what you were praying for - a new list of the city's it-places to satisfy both your appetite and your social spirit. Following our signature list of the best designer cafes in Paris, we decided to continue on our journey and get you an even more elevated food experience. You might want to indulge in some celebrity-spotting at one of our freshly curated PFW dinner go-to's, have the ultimate Parisian brunching experience, or if you're feeling extra, maybe try out the unique French-style dining way at one of our favorite festive restaurants. After all, when in France, it's better to go all in! Therefore, here is our list of the best trending restaurants and fine dining in Paris based on our experience.



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The Best Restaurants to go to during Fashion Week in Paris

Since many of you search for the best places to go during fashion week, let’s jump into 3 of the best locations to have dinner at. We must admit, people-watching is even more fun during PFW, from show-stopping street style looks to unique luxury accessories that one has never seen before. Hence, being in the right location is everything. Why not share some dessert with Bella Hadid while you’re at it? So, if you’re looking for a place to see and be seen, Siena has your back - combining the classic Parisian aesthetic with an exclusive clientele and innovative menu. The imposing interior practically begs to be photographed, as can be confirmed by the Jenner sisters, who never miss a dinner at Siena, whenever they are in Paris. On top of this, the location offers a few private rooms you can book for a little more intimacy, or you could enjoy a few drinks upstairs in their cozy and chic cocktail bar. Moving on to a celebrity-spotting classic, the restaurant at Hotel Costes. French food, sophisticated decor, and a glass of red wine - the perfect ingredients for a dinner in the heart of Paris. Last but not least, Maxim’s could not be missed from this category, as it is the home of opulence and exclusivity, with a selection of dishes to match. This location is all about luxury; from its sumptuous décor to its exquisite menu, Maxim’s invites you to treat yourself to some seriously fancy French cuisine, topped off by their new interior. 

restaurants in Paris for fashion week PFW

The Best Luxury Restaurants for Lunch or Brunch in Paris

Now, for more versatile options, let’s step into some locations that are both brunch and dinner-friendly. One thing that should not be missed from your Paris must-sees is the Four Seasons situated right on George V. If the imposing entrance filled with the most exquisite flower arrangements won’t take your breath away as you walk in, restaurant Le George sure will. The palace-like setting takes you back in time, while the menu, be it brunch or dinner, will take you on a roller coaster of sophisticated flavor and attention to detail. Another great option that fits both an earlier meal as well as a vibey dinner is Coco, right by the Opéra Garnier. This location exudes Parisian chic through its soft lighting and live-music atmosphere, and to top that off, it proposes a menu to impress. Pro tip: never leave Coco without trying their creamy lobster linguine. 

luxury restaurants in Paris for brunch and lunch

The Best Restaurants with a Nightlife in Paris

If your trip to Paris isn’t all about shoe shopping and sightseeing, and you want to try the infamous French-partying way, this next category will surely tick all your boxes. In our humble opinion, no one does festive restaurants better than Paris, and while it was a tough choice to make, we narrowed the list down to 3 top picks - Noto, Kalamata, and Bonnie. They’re all different, so there’s one for every taste. Part of the prominent MOMA Group, Noto offers an elegant setting, bringing the taste of Sicily to the heart of Paris and seamlessly transitioning to a vibrant party, accompanied by a killer playlist that simply won’t let anyone stay seated for too long. However, if you’re feeling slightly more like Greek food for the night, take your dancing shoes all the way to the 8th arrondissement, 31 Rue La Boétie, where you’ll find Kalamata hosting the creme de la creme of dinner parties. Food sharing is preached at this location, and we promise that their tapas won’t ever disappoint, and neither will their music. Lastly, the location that will most definitely be viewed as offering one of the most breathtaking views of the city is Bonnie. The psychedelic accents combined with the opulent details create one of the most unique locations you could find in the city. Serving as a restaurant, bar, and club, Bonnie is the place to be, especially during fashion weeks, as it not only offers a 10/10 dinner but also hosts some of the most exclusive parties in the city. 

best restaurants in Paris with night life

The Michelin star Japanese Restaurant or The Best Sushi in Paris

As we approach the end of a highly fashionable culinary tour of Paris, we must give you our ultimate all-time favorite places to dine. If you’re looking for high-quality, classic-style sushi and a stylish interior, with a kitchen awarded with a Michelin star, restaurant Matsuhisa at the Raffles Hotel, you can’t be missed. The menu designed by Chef Nobu speaks for itself, but what truly enhances the experience is the incredible interior design of the hotel, from the imposing draping chandeliers to the high ceilings. We’ll let you on to a little secret as well - even if you are not a smoker, checking out their smoking lounge is an absolute must! 

The Best Romantic Restaurants with a Beautiful View of Paris

Next, who’s up for some mysterious, bourgeois vibes? If you haven’t already guessed, it’s time to talk about the infamous, the first ever three stars receiver by the Michelin Guide restaurant Laperouse and its over-the-top, sensual interior. Named the ‘House of Pleasures’ all the way back in 1766, this location should be experienced through one of their elegant private candle-lit salons. We guarantee that the setting will instantly take you to a different time, where you’ll be fascinated by the intoxicating French ‘joie de vivre’ and impressed by the classic local cuisine. Finally, to complete our favorite picks - Girafe. Of course, it is one of the most well-known ones, but for all the good reasons. The cocktails are unmatched, and their sensational menu will leave you wanting to return for more. But the star of this location is undeniably the unreal views of the Tour Eiffel; thanks to its address, Girafe is easily the most romantic dinner spot Paris has to offer. Here’s one last tip from us - if you’re lucky enough for good weather, book your table at La Suite Girafe on the terrace for lunch with the best view money can buy. 

Three Michelin stars restaurant in Paris Laperouse

Kim Kardashian's Favorite Burger in Paris

Is it just us, or is anyone else craving comfort food after all those fancy and pretentious recommendations? Located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and with one of the most unique (and equally weird) interior designs, Ferdi serves the infamous Kim K-curated burger with some warm and fuzzy mac and cheese on the side. It might not be your typical French bistro, but best believe it is a perfect way to end your trip to Paris.


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