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The best from NET-A-PORTER, FARFETCH, MATCHESFASHION, MyTheresa, Luisaviaroma, and others in one place. See outfit ideas created by stylists featuring unique pieces from Net-a-Porter, Farfetch, Matchesfashion, Mytheresa, Luisaviaroma, and many more worldwide fashion luxury retailers. Every day the LFA team of fashion stylists and personal shoppers goes through numerous luxury online retailers to source the trendiest and most desirable items in the world of luxury fashion shopping. Once we discover these unique pieces of designer clothes, we put together complete outfits for you to shop and wear. To ensure that we create the strongest looks for you, we work with many fashion retailers, most of which ship worldwide—no need to spend your time browsing each shopping website looking for that one thing you like. LFA online personal shoppers have got you covered! We give direct links to the most attention-worthy pieces of luxury fashion accessories, clothes, shoes, fine jewelry and watches, ready to be purchased. We believe that a stylish look requires inspiration and freedom of choice. Therefore our audience should not be limited to one fashion retailer. Like a great recipe, a stylish outfit consists of many ingredients sourced from various places and brought to you at one luxury destination. With a strong belief that a personal style is a tool for self-expression, we work on each fashion look individually, creating a story and falling in love with it. Our styles are different and unpredictable. Respecting the individuality of every LFA visitor, we work with many aesthetics, considering the various style preferences of our audience. From tomboy and grunge to glamorous and elegant, our personal shoppers will help you find a stylish look that best fits your individuality!


Le Fashion Artiste is a luxury fashion platform dedicated to the most convenient and efficient shopping experience. We aspire to bring you the must-have pieces from the world’s biggest luxury retailers. Analyzing the fashion industry daily, we discover new trends and deliver you the new style solutions. Here, we only focus on the most interesting and inspiring pieces, blurring out the noise of the never-stopping retail game.




OUTFITS BASED ON STYLES Curating the most exciting pieces we create full outfits which you can find in four categories. All you need to do is to choose which one suits you the best! CASUAL Stylish everyday looks to keep you feeling confident and empowered every day of the week. STATEMENT Daring stylish looks for the ones with a brave attitude. If casual fashion is too safe for you, and you prefer to experiment, we’ll pull out the looks to provoke. These extravagant outfits are meant to reflect your attitude and scream confidence.  PARTY “Girls just want to have fun”, - says Cyndi Lauper, and boy, oh boy, she couldn’t be more right! Nights full of fun that remain sweet memories in our minds require according stylish outfits. That is why the LFA luxury fashion stylists and personal shoppers prepare various night-out looks for you to shop for weekly. From the strict but sexy Saint Laurent black jumpsuit, to the flirtatious Muaddi heels; glamorous and sexy, yet stylish and chic, we will dress you up like there is no tomorrow! GALA Elevating gowns and dreamy jewellery. Our stylists curate exquisite gala looks for you to shine in. Find an unforgettable evening look for your special occasion.

THE MUST-HAVES With so many luxury shopping platforms and their never-ending variety of fashion collections, it becomes hard to keep your focus on the most worthy items and trendiest pieces of the season. This is why our stylists select the must-have items from the most popular retailers and deliver them to you weekly. To make it easier, we arranged the must-haves into the following categories for you to choose from: Accessories, Bags, Shoes, Watches, and Fine Jewelry. SHOES See the curation of the most wanted shoes of the season. Everyday we observe popular fashion publishings and the world’s most influential fashionistas to spot a new it shoe and see what is truly worthy of your next shoe investment. We spot new trends and prepare outfit suggestions for the most popular shoes of the moment and iconic footwear that is here to stay. ACCESSORIES Perfection lies in details. Like a brush stroke on a canvas, fashion accessories are the fine details of your outfit. Whether it takes intuition or a stylist's vision, luxury fashion accessories will complete your look, expressing your style and creativity. When playing with these details, you can make a girly dress look sporty and turn your boyfriend's T-shirt into a part of a classy and sophisticated outfit that you can wear to the office. While clothes sketch a silhouette, fashion accessories fill all the necessary gaps to elevate the outfit. The entire direction can be easily switched depending on the style of the luxury fashion accessories you choose. So is it that bad if you and your friend have accidentally bought the same dress? As long as you accessorize it, the two looks will never be identical! Usually, when hearing “luxury fashion accessories", the first things that come to mind are sunglasses and hats. However, the range of details is far more generous. From statement hair barrettes to trendy keychains, the choice of fashion accessories is nearly unlimited. For that, the LFA chief fashion stylist Ella Cervyakova and the LFA chief personal shopper have opened a shopping section dedicated to luxury fashion accessories. Carefully selecting unique pieces, their team of dedicated luxury stylists and personal shoppers shares its luxury finds for your luxury shopping experience!  BAGS From the season's newest arrivals and "it bags" to the rare luxury vintage finds, the LFA fashion stylists and personal shoppers curate a weekly list of the most desirable luxury bags. Sourced from the biggest and most known fashion shopping platforms, these art pieces are presented to you at the distance of a click. Bags We Want to Buy This Week is a great way to discover new arrivals and see what is trending in the world of luxury bags today. This column also gives tips and practical examples of the history of luxury bags. With the pre-owned luxury bags market rapidly growing, it is helpful to know what luxury bags could serve as a promising fashion investment and what iconic luxury bags' return from the past could be your personal style steal this season. WATCHES Discover our exclusive selection of fine watches and get inspired for your next big purchase. It so happened that men are considered to be the true appreciators of fine watches. Nearly all men seem to know all the famous brands, the history of iconic watch brands, best models, and many more details that most women would fail to remember. Or so it once was assumed. Fortunately, the cliche luxury shopping interests based on our gender are fading these days. More and more women see fine watches not just as glamorous pieces of fine jewelry adorned with diamonds but as a representation of their status and reflection of hard work and achievements. As the rise of women's social and economic status continues, our luxury goods consumption evolves, and we now expand our interests from limited-edition bags to collectible fine watches and raising cars. What once seemed like "rich boys' toys" has now reasonably become the shopping desires of powerful women. Fine watches like Jaeger-LeCoultre, Patek Philippe, Chopard, and Audemars Piguet are among the top luxury shopping investments. Therefore, the LFA chief fashion stylist Ella Cervyakova created a dedicated to fine watches page, where every two weeks her team of fashion stylists and personal shoppers look into some of the world's most respectable and desirable models of fine watches. Brand new and pre-owned, our chief personal shopper Ellen Smith ensures that most of our selection is available to buy and is ready to be shipped worldwide. Looking to invest or just browsing, make sure to stop by! FINE JEWELRY Enjoy our curated selection of fine jewelry and shop the most exclsuive pieces. Best friends or not, diamonds, so as other precious stones, rarely let someone down. Perhaps, the best thing about diamonds - they never go out of style! Fine jewelry, as a personal investment, often becomes a family treasure, passed on from generation to generation. Often playing a role of an intimate gift, the precious stones carry a deep meaning. However, these days, more often than ever, women enjoy the pleasure of giving such expensive gifts to themselves! At the end of the day, what can be more personal than a piece of fine jewelry you have chosen yourself? And what can be more joyful than shopping for fine jewelry? With this in mind, the LFA team of personal shoppers and fashion stylists prepares a weekly curation of fine jewelry pieces. Styled by matching sets, you could follow our aesthetic inspiration or purchase a single fine jewelry piece. Our fashion stylists have also made sure to have varied options according to the time of the day and occasion. From modern minimalistic luxury pieces for everyday wear to truly remarkable and extravagant treasures - we choose fine jewelry that is worth getting attached to!

PERSONAL STYLIST Get Personal with the LFA Personal Stylist Need help with your wardrobe or want some shopping ideas catered to your style? Subscribe to Personal Stylist services and get your own fashion stylist shopping online with you! If luxury fashion shopping is your guilty pleasure and strong personal style is an everyday necessity, we have something for you!  For those who see luxury fashion as a way to express themselves, LFA has launched Personal Stylist services. Available online and seven days a week, our personal shoppers and luxury fashion stylists will make sure that every look is styled exclusively for you!  LFA Personal Stylist subscription delivers outfits based on the client’s personality and unique requirements. How many times before buying something have you had to go over your wardrobe in your head? Remember figuring out if you have something to match these Versace platforms with or if there is anything in your closet that would look good with those new Mugler jeans? Imagining a complete outfit before buying something is a great idea; it prevents you from having an overwhelming pile of random fashion pieces for a wardrobe. It also helps you understand how reasonable your next fashion purchase will be. Some luxury pieces come with a price tag equivalent to a business investment. So you need to know if the use and satisfaction would ever justify the cost. However, if you limit yourself to what you already have, you might never step out of that comfort zone and try on a new style. The right item to wear with your desired purchase might not necessarily be in your wardrobe yet. That does not mean you should not go for what you want. What you need is just a couple of fresh outfit ideas and some styling suggestions. In a situation like that, wouldn’t it be great to have a view of a professional luxury fashion stylist or personal shopper who can advise you on a complete look and some statement pieces to buy? Imagine having your personal shopper and fashion stylist at the distance of your phone! Our fashion stylists are here to understand your needs and personal aesthetic. Our goal is to make you feel your best by building your style confidence and improving self-expression through fashion. Through studying what is already in your closet, our fashion stylists will underline your statement pieces and organize the basis of your wardrobe. This would help you understand how to get the best out of your next luxury shopping adventure. The LFA personal shoppers will identify what apparel, accessories, and jewelry would be the most useful to buy in order to complete your looks. The LFA personal stylists will help you to come up with outfit ideas for your new luxury fashion purchase while understanding whether there is something else you should buy or simply get out of your closet. While some of you might already have a personal shopper, LFA offers unique Personal Stylist services based on your personality and taste in luxury fashion. Now, if you prefer to enjoy shopping privately and a personal shopper or a stylist is not at the top of your checklist, LFA is a place for you to source luxury fashion inspiration. Our professional fashion stylists have created a space with luxury fashion brands curated into complete and ready-to-shop outfits available for everyone. We then organized all of our fashion looks into dressing styles to make it easy for you to choose which fashion style suits your personality best. Each fashion page is updated with new stylish outfits weekly to keep your shopping according to the latest trends in luxury fashion!

BRANDS REVIEWS As a luxury platform dedicated to a costumer’s best experience, we listen to our audience and reflect their experiences. Focussing on the most popular luxury brands, we deliver you a summery of the most honest feedback we carefully collect from the fashion enthusiast around the world. So the next time you hesitate, we can help you choose the right item that would meet your requirements at best.

READ ABOUT FASHION If you are a frequent luxury fashion shopper, you may have previously run into questions like “why do you spend so much money on a brand’s name?” or “why do you care about luxury fashion brands so much?”. While these questions are fairly relevant, we know that our appreciation lies in respect of the rich history of luxury fashion houses and the inspiring stories of their creative directors.  That said, although our admiration for luxury fashion is genuine, most of us would have trouble going through the timeline of our favorite fashion brands. Naming all creative directors in the correct order or quickly recalling the most important collections and events in a brand’s history is tricky. Here at LFA, we firmly believe that personal taste, style vision, and orientation in luxury fashion get times better when supported by knowledge. This is why we give you an easy and quick-to-read introduction to the most iconic fashion houses, their creative directors, and independent luxury fashion designers. These reviews highlight the most important and exciting events in the history of the luxury fashion industry. So the next time you hear a question like “What is so remarkable about McQueen?” you will instantly know what to say. 

READ ABOUT LIFESTYLE Discover new luxurious destinations for your leisure. From boutique 5 star hotels to amazing resorts and palace hotels. It has been a tough couple of years. With so many travel restrictions, many of us felt secluded and often far from our loved ones and, as a result, simply lonely. Now that things have returned to normal, the restrictions are lifted, and traveling is back to full speed, we want to get the best out of our trips and enjoy vocations to the highest. Quality time, perhaps, has never been so appreciated before. For this reason, we want to explore the most exquisite hotels in the world. From iconic buildings in the heart of never-sleeping New York to exotic secluded luxury resorts out in the desserts of UAE and back to modern interiors of busy London: there are always new destinations to visit. It does not matter if you prefer sticking to your beloved routine and finding a luxurious hotel that would correspond to all your usual preferences or getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. We keep the selection of 5-star hotels we look into as rich and diverse as possible. All while staying faithful to one never-changing condition, and that is quality.  Enjoy our monthly selection of the most incredible luxury stays in the world. These high-rated hotel reviews are created to inspire you for your next travel and help you find a perfect destination that would satisfy your wishes. 

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