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Hermès Birkin Bags

If you ask a fashion lover what their dream bag is, they would most likely answer with one of specific Hermes handbags, and a safe bet it would be a Birkin bag. By now, we have all become aware of how valuable the Birkin bag is. Ever wondered how Birkins became the most desirable bag and has maintained that unreachable status for over three decades? From their iconic orange packaging to the extensive waiting lists, we will explore the history and ever-growing drive for the it bag of the century (and more to come).

Hermès Leather Quality

Let’s get the obvious facts straight: one of the main reasons it is so coveted is the fashion house’s exceptional craftsmanship. This applies not only to the Birkin bags but to all the other bags, such as the Bolide, Picotin, and Lindy, to name a few. This is a huge part of their DNA. If we look back from their very beginnings, Thierry Hermès founded the company in 1837 as a harness workshop in Paris. His intent was to serve the needs of European noblemen by providing saddles, bridles, and other leather riding gear, providing them with the best materials to extend the longevity of his products.


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When & How the Hermès Birkin Bag Was Created

Hermès Birkin Bag and Jane Birkin

The Birkin bag was introduced in 1984. The creation of this iconic bag came from a conversation between then-CEO Jean-Louis Dumas and late actress and singer Jane Birkin. They were on a flight together from Paris to London. As Jane Birkin sat in her seat, her bag tipped over, and the contents spilled across the cabin floor. The man beside her commented on her bag, saying, “You should have one with pockets.” She then told him, “The day Hermès makes one with pockets, I’ll have that.”At the time, she had no idea that she was talking to the CEO of Hermes. Eventually, this led to a fashion phenomenon; the Birkin bag was born.

What is The Most Expensive Bag in The World

The Value of Hermès Bags

Fast forward to the present world, on average, a Birkin bag costs between USD 12,000 to USD 300,000, and each is managed by a responsible for it craftsman. It takes between 18 to 25 hours to complete the job by hand, and even longer if the material is one that is more delicate, like crocodile skin. That is why exotic leather Birkins are so challenging to obtain. In 2021, an extremely rare Himalayan Birkin 30 bag sold for USD 227,000, becoming the 8th most expensive Hermés bag to be sold at auction. Just right behind six other Hermes bags (2 Birkins and 4 Kellys) and 1 Chanel bag on the list of Sotheby's Most Expensive Handbags Sold at Auction. We know, not the typical luxury bags prices we are used to...

Celebrities Carrying Hermès Birkin Bags

Hermès Birkin Bag Closets

Now back to the question: How did the Birkin bag gain such a status? Ever since the iconic bag took off in the 90s, it has not slowed down, continuing to grow in price, popularity, and exclusivity. Of course, making it an A-listers' favorite as the ultimate status symbol, receiving worldwide admiration. Kate Moss uses them as nappy bags, and Kim Kardashian buys them for her close friends. Virgil Abloh would send them down the off-white runways, and Drake collects them for his future wife. So it's fair to say they are simply the most distinguished bag in Hollywood.

Many celebrities even have closets dedicated to the bag entirely, like Kris Jenner.

Why Hermès Birkin is

Hard to Get

The scarcity of this bag is a huge part of why the reputation of this bag is the way it is. Their dedication to preserving the exclusivity of the Birkin is unmatched by any luxury fashion house. Hermès refuses to ever release the number of Birkin bags that will be manufactured each year. This is to limit the exclusive supply to the most elite group of consumers. Their tight control over the distribution of the bags, along with their intricate craftsmanship, keeps the bag's desire alive. They also place a limit on how many Birkin bags each client can purchase per year. This limited access and demand have continued to create a dedicated admiration for the bag. The French label's Kelly and Birkin bags have helped to secure Hermès' place as a luxurious fashion powerhouse. Even today, the coveted Birkin and Kelly bag has the longest waiting list of any accessory in the world.

Once you have finally acquired your dream bag, for the sake of your peace of mind, we suggest looking into Hermes Birkin bag insurance policies and see why insuring your bag is something you should perhaps consider.


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