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Hotels to Know. The UAE Issue

The United Arab Emirates have recently become the Middle East's prime tourist destination. This wonderful country prides itself on their fantastic hospitality and on giving people a luxurious experience. The UAE perfectly incorporates modernity and luxury into their traditional practices allowing people to experience the beauty of their culture. One of the first destinations to reopen its doors to tourists after the global pandemic in 2021, the UAE has made the necessary changes to ensure that its visitors can experience the country's beauty whilst also keeping their safety as the number one priority. When most think of the UAE, their minds immediately go towards Dubai as it is the central tourist city in the country. However, often tourists do not realise that just outside is a new world of magnificent resorts and exquisite scenery. From beautiful mountain ranges and breathtaking deserts to relaxing beaches with crystal clear waters, visitors can explore the other side of the UAE away from the cities.

Sitting perfectly on a private beach connected to the Arabian gulf, The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi perfectly showcases Arabian hospitality at the height of luxury. When you enter the hotel grounds, a wave of amazement comes over you as you gaze upon the beauty and detail of the hotel's architecture, perfectly representing an Arabian palace fit for royalty. Beautifully decorated, spacious rooms perfectly designed with the most pristine furniture accompanied with a 24-hour butler service ensure that every guest is as comfortable as possible. The Emirates Palace ensures that there is something for everyone. The hotel offers a wide selection of high-end dining with world-renowned chefs, perfect for romantic dinners or to spend quality time with friends. A range of leisure activities provides entertainment for guests of all ages, including yoga, water sports and for children, an adventure park pool fit with three water slides.

Image Source: The Emirates Palace

Located deep in the desert, The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert perfectly showcases the tranquil scenery that the united Arab emirates have to offer. Due to its rather remote location, visitors can experience the beautiful ecosystem of the UAE, which is usually overlooked. The resort is compiled of exquisite villas, each one with its own personal swimming pool. To have the whole experience, the hotel offers Bedouin-style, tented villas overlooking the beauty of the Arabian desert. If you are lucky, you can spot parts of the majestic wildlife just from your door. This establishment is perfect for a relaxing getaway; it is ideal for people who want an escape from the city. The resort prides itself on showcasing the ecosystem that the country was built on. Activities such as a sunset drive accompanied by a picnic are a perfect way to appreciate it for you and your loved ones.

Image Source: The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert

Hidden away in the Al Hajar mountain range valleys, the Fairmont Fujairah lies on the coastal line of Dibba, Fujairah's largest city. Rather small, this resort is made up of only one hundred eighty-one rooms and suites total. This allows closer attention to be paid to the guests, resulting in maximum comfort. The Fairmont is Fujairah's only art-inspired resort, showcasing pieces from around the world. The interior design is a wonderful modern fusion of Bohemia and art deco consisting of pristine white beds and walls with black and maroon detailing. Spa services and three different fine dining restaurants create a relaxing and comfortable environment for everyone.

Image Source: Fairmont Fujairah

P.S. If you feel like our list is a bit too short for your liking, have a look at our list of Aman Hotels, one of which is located in our beloved Dubai.


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