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The Hotels to Know. The Paris Issue.

Paris is a majestic and beautiful city of romance and rich historical culture. It is one of the world's most thriving tourist destinations, with visitors coming from around the world to admire its beauty. Paris is a representation of elegance and perfectly shows how art and history don't need to be forgotten and can be inputted into modern city life. This wonderful city Is known to be at the height of elegance and luxury, and it does not disappoint. Fashion week and other significant events mean that people from all over the world, including celebrities, travel to Paris throughout the year. Because of this, the hotel industry strives to give its guests the perfect Parisian experience. The city is adorned with exquisite luxury hotels showing the best that Paris has to offer.

Where Princess Diana herself spent her last night, the Ritz Carlton is a 4-star establishment fit for royalty. The hotel is beautifully decorated in delicate pastel hues and fine woodwork, consisting of 71 rooms and 71 suites accompanied by an exquisite French-style garden. Ritz has welcomed many famous guests, such as Coco Chanel and the duke of Windsor. Because many well-known people stay at the hotel, Ritz must provide ways to remain discreet. For such reason, the hotel offers an underground tunnel to allow the guests to enter and exit unseen. For the guests who want to keep up with their exercise, the hotel provides a modern gym and an indoor pool. For guests wanting to relax after a long day of exploring the city, a calming spa service ensures all guests have a comfortable stay.

Images Source: Ritz Paris

Just minutes away from the Champs Elysées and Arc de Triomphe, Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris is a beautiful modern representation of luxury. This hotels interior is a a contemporary masterpiece of modern Parisian elegance designed by Philippe Starck. Featuring 149 spacious rooms and suites, a 99-seat cinema, and the longest hotel swimming pool in Paris. The rooms and suites look straight out of an interior design magazine, very on trend and decorated with fabulous contemporary art pieces. The rooms and suites also come with exclusive luxury services, ensuring the guests are living as comfortably as possible. A selection of high-end cuisine, from the modern Japanese cuisine of Matsuhisa to the showcasing of Italian regional food in the Michelin-star restaurant Il Carpaccio makes dining at Le Royal Monceau a truly memorable experience.

Images Source: Royal Monceau

Built in 1896, originally as the home of Prince Roland Bonaparte, the grand-nephew of Napoleon, Shangri-La Paris is a French celebration of luxury and elegance. The hotel combines a historical sense of elegance and style with sophisticated comfort and service to provide a luxurious Parisian experience. Shangri-La holds the status of one of the finest hotels in Paris. This hotel has a clean white look with a glossy marble floor and gold accents. It consists of 101 rooms with a lavish old-style interior design accompanied by a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Shangri-La's central location in the 16th arrondissement means that Paris' main attractions are just a short journey away. When the sightseeing is all done, guests can relax and cool down in the hotel swimming pool or indulge in Paris' only Mechlin-star Chinese restaurant, Shang palace.

Images Source: Shangri-La


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