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Luxury Pre-Owned Watches

Pre-owned luxury watches represent a world of high-end, previously owned timepieces from prestigious brands that stood the test of time. These items are not just accessories but are considered significant investment pieces, reflecting both personal taste and financial acumen. A vintage luxury watch is often passed on in a family, making it a generational inheritance. 

Luxury. vintage watches

Is Vintage Luxury Watch a Good Investment?

Opting for a pre-owned version of a fine watch can be remarkably cost-effective. The pre-owned watches market offers unique finds, including vintage collections with a charm rarely found in their new counterparts. Additionally, the depreciation is significantly reduced, making these second-hand timepieces financially appealing.

Where to Buy Pre-Owned Fine Watches Online?

The market for second-hand luxury watches has surged in popularity, driven by factors such as sustainability and the increasing acceptance of pre-owned goods as a smart choice. The availability of diverse models on various online platforms has also fueled this growth, making it easier for collectors and enthusiasts to find their perfect timepiece. Many global luxury online stores have now incorporated a section dedicated to pre-owned fine watches, providing detailed information on their condition and ensuring quality control. Below, we list some of the biggest e-commerce platforms that successfully joined the market of pre-owned luxury watches. From their partnerships with the world's leading resale boutiques to collaborations with some of the most trusted and popular luxury watch customizing companies. If you are interested in vintage luxury watches, we suggest you take the time to have a look at all of them and choose the one that fits your preference.


Luxury Watches Project Earth Reselfridges

With its luxury sustainability focus, Selfridges offers a solid collection of certified pre-owned watches. Featuring iconic luxury watch brands like Omega, Cartier, Breitling, Chopard, Carl F. Bucherer, and others, Selfridges Project Earth offers a range of pre-owned timepieces with a very welcoming starting price. The selection currently starts from less than 1,445.00 USD for pre-loved Omega De Ville and goes up to 54,145.00 USD for pre-loved Audemars Piguet Offshore Diver.


As an expert and popular reseller in the world of luxury goods, The Luxury Closet offers a unique and wide range of luxury vintage timepieces. Having a solid base of high-end consumers who not only buy from the platform but also sell helped The Luxury Closet build an impressive collection of prestigious rare pieces for both men and women. An expert in fine goods, The Luxury Closet certifies all of their pre-loved fine watches and provides a lifetime authenticity guarantee. Browsing through the iconic luxury watch brands, you can also enjoy the price variety. We were able to find a vintage Patek Philippe for as little as 12,074 USD and a never-used Patek Philippe Nautilus for 165,817 USD.


If you are ready to dive properly into the wild Wild West of luxury vintage online shopping and are not afraid of real-estate-like price points, Farfetch would be a great place to start. Having worldwide partnerships with various luxury retailers and physical stores allows Farfetch to offer quite an impressive collection of pre-owned luxury watches, which includes rare vintage finds, pre-owned classic models, and customized pieces from DiW and MAD Paris.


In Partnership with a pre-owned watch specialist, Watchfinder & Co, Nordstrom offers a wide variety of authorized pre-owned luxury timepieces. Catered towards the more casual side of luxury, Nordstrom primarily focuses on watch brands like Panerai, Omega, Zenith, and Breitling, which come at a much more welcoming price. However, you can still succeed in finding a great pre-owned Rolex or even a vintage Patek Philippe.


While Luisaviaroma might not be your first destination when shopping for luxury vintage watches, it is a great place to find a few unique customized pieces. For those who are not afraid to give their luxury watch a modernized look, Luisaviaroma has a short but nice selection of MAD Paris Rolex watches. If you like a fresh spin on pre-owned luxury, this is something we suggest to have a look at.


The same applies to Moda Operandi. This luxury fashion retailer is not your vintage watch ideal platform. However, if you like a modern and stylish custom spin, which makes a pre-owned watch even more unique, you will enjoy the Private Label London range of customized pre-owned Rolex watches.

Things To Know When Buying Pre Owned Luxury Watches

Are vintage luxury watches cheaper than new luxury watches?

The primary allure of pre-owned luxury watches lies in their lower prices compared to new models, combined with their ability to retain value over time. This makes a vintage watch a smart investment for both seasoned collectors and casual buyers.

How to find rare and limited edition luxury watch?

Pre-owned markets are treasure troves of limited editions and discontinued models that hold or even increase value. The historical significance of these timepieces adds a layer of allure that is often absent in newer models. Experienced collectors might even look for a specific release year, which often dictates the market price of a vintage luxury watch. 

Is shopping for pre-owned fine watches good for the environment?

Fortunately, our society is becoming increasingly invested in environmental ethics. With that in mind, choosing a pre-owned watch is not just a significant contribution to reducing waste and promoting recycling but a responsible and ethical choice that aligns with the principles of sustainable luxury. This choice supports environmental sustainability while allowing consumers to enjoy luxury without compromise.

Value of Vintage Luxury Watches and How to Shop Pre-Owned Luxury Timepieces Online

Buy authentic luxury watches online

Thanks to the proliferation of online marketplaces, many valuable luxury items, including fine watches, are now more accessible than ever before. With a global reach, these platforms offer a wide array of choices that were previously only available to those with access to specific physical store locations or networks of luxury watch dealers.

Does the value of luxury watches increase with time?

Pre-owned luxury watches often have an appreciation potential, making them collectible items that can serve as heirloom pieces. The enduring quality of vintage fine timepieces ensures they remain desirable across generations. All that is left is to provide good care of the condition of your inheritance.

How to find authentic vintage luxury watches for a good price?

The pre-owned watch market typically offers more advantages to buyers, including negotiation possibilities and a broad price range. This creates a buyer’s advantage where significant savings can be made while acquiring high-quality timepieces. Although a sale is not something you would typically come across while shopping for vintage luxury watches, depending on the information provided regarding the use of the acquiring timepiece and its condition, you might find room for negotiation. If you are looking for a certain house name/collection/release year with a specific budget in mind, getting help from an experienced watch dealer might increase your chances for success. However, having direct relations with trusted stores creates more independence and freedom of choice. 

The Most Popular Pre Owned Luxury Watch Brands

While there are quite a number of respectable luxury timepiece houses whose names stand the test of time, we chose to focus on four fine watch brands whose vintage models are the most popular. 

Rolex Pre Owned Luxury Watches

Is Rolex a good luxury watch brand to invest in?

Rolex watches are synonymous with excellence and success. Known as an iconic, world-renowned brand, they epitomize luxury and reliability in the watchmaking industry. While some may consider Rolex to be the attraction of “new money”, those who know their way around the world of fine watches understand the depth of the Rolex house value and know how well-deserved the Rolex status is. Nevertheless, the experienced collector’s choice falls on certain models. 

The most popular Rolex models

Models like the Sea-Dweller, Oyster Perpetual, GMT-Master, Explorer, and Submariner are highly sought after in the pre-owned market. Each model offers unique features that cater to different tastes and requirements.

What is the value of a vintage Rolex watch?

The enduring demand for Rolex watches ensures their status as appreciating assets in the secondary market. Their resilience in value makes them a wise choice for long-term investment. The house name alone evaluates your investment long-term, and if on top you succeed in acquiring one of the highly-rated models, your luxury vintage purchase becomes a financially-secured asset, providing you with peace of mind. 

Panerai Pre Owned Watches

Is Panerai a luxury watch brand?

Panerai combines Italian design with Swiss engineering, creating watches known for their distinctive aesthetics and robust construction. The brand's military heritage adds a unique character to its timepieces, distinguishing them from other luxury watches. Compared to other luxury watchhouses, Panerai has a welcoming entry price point. Models under ten thousand dollars make Panerai a safe investment in your casual everyday luxury watch rotation. However, the fine timepiece brand is also known for its admired, highly-ranked models that can reach half a million dollars in price. 

Panerai most popular watch models

The Radiomir and Luminor lines are particularly notable for their innovative features, which reflect Panerai's rich history and craftsmanship. When buying a pre-owned Panerai watch, you have a choice between stable entry-level investments ideal for everyday life and top models that not only strike in price but also put you in a different conversation room among seasoned watch collectors and experts. 

Is Panerai a collectible luxury watch?

With a dedicated fanbase, Panerai watches appeal to those seeking something beyond mainstream luxury brands. Their niche market presence ensures a unique appeal, making them prized possessions among collectors.

Cartier Pre Owned Luxury Watches

Is Cartier watch a good investment?

Cartier is celebrated for its timeless designs and status as a top-tier luxury jewelry brand. Unlike the most fine watch brands, the significance of the Cartier house lies in historically admired jewelry masterpieces. This makes your Cartier watch a great investment and also a valuable jewelry piece. Models like the Tank and Ballon Bleu exemplify elegance, making a great example of how Cartier watches are not only exquisite timekeepers but also objects of wearable art.

The most popular Cartier watch models

The Tank, Panthère, and Ballon Bleu models stand out with their unparalleled craftsmanship and elegant designs, embodying the essence of Cartier's luxurious styling. In terms of consumer popularity and demand, The Tank and Panthère models are especially beloved by the current generation of luxury trendsetters. 

Does Cartier watch hold value?

Cartier watches make profound fashion statements while offering an appreciating value over time, serving both style savants and savvy investors alike. This unique combination of a fine watch and luxury fashion statement piece makes Cartier one of the most significant investments in expanding your family collection of valuables. The Cartier watch can easily be shared by younger and mature generations in your family, bringing equal joy to both. While it will most likely become one of your household's most relevant and popular luxury pieces, the Cartier watch will gracefully stand the test of time and maintain its value for many more generations to welcome in your family. 

Audemars Piguet Pre Owned Luxury Watches

Innovation and craftsmanship of Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet is renowned for its pioneering designs crafted from high-end materials. The Royal Oak line, in particular, showcases this blend of innovation with traditional craftsmanship. The brand’s signature combination of masculinity and elegance makes it easy to recognize Audemars Piguet. 

The most popular Audemars Piguet watch models

The Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore series stand out due to their avant-garde aesthetics and precision engineering, making them popular among enthusiasts who appreciate modern mechanical watchmaking. Such unique and easily recognizable silhouettes make The Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore models especially appealing to those who like their fine watches to be noticed effortlessly. 

While some may find the world of luxury watches overwhelming, we believe it is worth every minute of your attention. It is important to trust your personal taste and find the guide that feels right to you. 


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