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Your Personalised Way of Shopping

Here is how it works - once you've chosen from one of our style categories, swipe through the outfit ideas you see. These looks are curated by fashion stylists who search daily for the latest fashion trends, exclusive pieces, and rare finds. When you see the outfit you like, tap/click on it. Then, you will be able to see all the items in this outfit and where to buy them from. Now, you are one click away from the best luxury online retailers that ship worldwide.


“Girls just want to have fun”, - says Cyndi Lauper, and boy, oh boy, she couldn’t be more right! Nights full of fun that remain sweet memories in our minds require according to outfits. That is why LFA prepares various “going out” looks for you to shop every week. Glamorous and sexy, yet classy and chic, we will dress you up like there is no tomorrow!

Say you have evening plans with your girls or a significant other and are unsure what to wear. Look no further; we are here to be your ultimate source of outfit inspiration for all kinds of going-out events. LFA is your one-stop destination for everything related to fashion; we are here to help guide you through all your fashion dilemmas. Our stylists are determined to ensure you will have the perfect outfit for all your evening plans. Here at LFA, our stylists surf through numerous retailer websites like Ounass, Farfetch, and Net-A-Porter daily to curate fashionable looks so you do not have to experience the hassle of a stressful shopping experience. We understand how overwhelming it can get, so don’t worry; rely on us to present you the party outfits of your dreams.

Time to pull out all the sparkles, the metallics, the rhinestones, and the feathers. Here at LFA, we’re all for mixing trendy statement pieces with something more wearable; we want something unique yet realistic. Yes, nights out are all about making a statement, but to have a night full of fun, we must be comfortable. Some of our go-to brands for night-out proposals are The Attico, Amina Muaddi, Saint Laurent, Mach & Mach, The Bow by Ella Gorbo, 16Arlington, and Rabanne, so if any of these brands speak to you then et voila, you’re at the right place, we already have some things in common. After much research, we can assure you that we will provide the perfect outfit for you to feel your best while dancing the night away. Whether you’re opting for a date night look at a hotel restaurant or something to go for clubbing at a fashion week afterparty event, take a look at what we have prepared. From sequined tops to micro denim skirts, discover endless options for different types of occasions and all sorts of plans. Be ready to make an entrance in one of our outfit proposals and strut your way to the dance floor. 

Our goal here is to make you stand out but still leave you feeling like you. An extraordinary outfit is great, but what’s the point if it doesn’t speak true to who you are and represent what you like? That is why we are here for your inquiries or questions about outfit ideas. We hope you will find something that fits perfectly with your personal taste. LFA wants to be inclusive of all different styles; whether it’s punk and edgy or fun and flirty, our stylist will provide what works for you. Say bye to the worries of not knowing what to wear anymore; we are here to make planning ahead so much easier. To be the most helpful, the LFA team has prepared links for each item, directing you to the best stuff on the market. You’re welcome! Keep scrolling to see what to buy for a glamorous night out with your loved ones. 

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