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Top 3 Fine Restaurants In The World

Food is a way of life; we all know that, as humans, food is one of the most essential things we need to survive. As we progressed further, it became much more than that. From dating to business meetings to simply expressing your culture, something as simple as having a meal has evolved and transformed into one of the main pillars of society. Nowadays, there are billions of restaurants and other food establishments all around the world that thrive on allowing their customers to experience food in a variety of ways.

Sometimes we want to go the extra mile and experience food at its highest quality. There are numerous restaurants whose goal is to provide truly memorable luxury dining experiences. Although these restaurants will cost a significant amount of money, the memories will stay with their diners for a long time. Here we have compiled a list of the top 3 most luxurious restaurants in the world. While dining in these establishments requires advance booking and an open-minded spending budget, the unique experience received in the following fine restaurants will most definitely leave priceless memories.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

The first ever underwater restaurant in the world is located just a few meters below the Indian Ocean. Diners are delighted with a magnificent coral view, where they get to see the beauty of the reef and its wildlife right before their eyes. The decor is kept very simple to focus the attention on the views outside; the ceiling of the dining area is a glass window providing a 180-degree view of the reef. Although the views are spectacular, the real star of the show is the food which is an excellent blend of western cooking and the wonderful local flavors of the Maldives. With only 14 guest seats, Ithaa undersea restaurant is one of the world's most exclusive and expensive restaurants.

Image: Courtesy Conrad Maldives

Masa Restaurant, New York

Located in the exciting city of New York is the 2 Michelin star restaurant known as masa. With only 26 seats in total, dining at masa starts with booking multiple weeks in advance. The menu highlights the wonderful flavors of Japan, specializing in sushi, wagyu beef, and other excellent Japanese food. Masa offers a delicious omakase menu meaning that the chef chooses what you eat, keeping in mind your preferences and food you have not yet tried to ensure that you will have the perfect experience catered for you. With the masa bar just next door, these establishments are perfect for intimate dinners.

Image: Courtesy of Masa

Restaurant Le Louis XV- by The Chef Alain Ducasse, Monaco

When one thinks of luxury, they think of Monaco. So Le Louis XV by Alain Ducasse is a perfect fit for this list. With three Michelin-star restaurants in three different cities, Alain Ducasse is known for his modern French cuisine. Le Louis XV is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world; with a classic French aristocratic dining call, diners have an experience fit for royalty. Guests are pampered throughout their time at the restaurant; the staff will suggest the best food and wine pairings to ensure the diners' experience is nothing but perfection.

Image: Courtesy of Le Louis XV- Alain Ducasse


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