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Fashion Influencers to Follow on Instagram

With arising of a new fashion influencer every other day, Instagram can become a quite overwhelming place. Yet we still crave for fashion inspiration and that feeling of visual satisfaction that a well-put together feed brings us. So to make things easier and spare you the unnecessary scrolling, we decided to do the homework for you and make a weekly list of some of the most interesting and follow-worthy Instagram fashion visionaries.

Jen Ceballos @endlesslyloveclub

If you are into black-and-white aesthetics, she's the one. Simple and chic, not just in style, but her posing is sexy enough to catch your eyes.

From chic outfits with cool poses to cosmetics, artworks, and home objects...her feeds are the perfect Pinterest for the bnw aesthetics lovers.

Visit @endlesslyloveclub and have a look at her stylish and sophisticated lifestyle.

Images: Courtesy of Jen Ceballos @endlesslyloveclub

Emily Oberg @emilyoberg

Simply all about the dream-come-true LA lifestyle. As founder and owner of the brand Sporty and Rich, Emily suggests casual one-mile wear that is cool, colorful, and chic.

Full of bright images of her physically active lifestyle in cool and comfy clothes, her gram is attractive enough to make you want to add some colors to your outfit and to bring more positive energy to your daily life! And while her visual content is not particularly groundbreaking or gallery-worthy, we can appreciate the consistency in Emily's balance between personal and brand-oriented content.

Images: Courtesy of Emily Oberg @emilyoberg

Min Joo @mjbypp

One of the coolest fashion influencers in Korea, Min Joo does know how to play with colors and patterns. Mix and match with different fabrics; her style is worth having a look for those like us, fashion enthusiasts. On Joo's IG, she shows how to style chic and cute at the same time. Always with a good-vibes-only feed, not to mention her reels and stories full of love towards family and friends, including her followers, of course.

Images: Courtesy of Min Joo @mjbypp

Emili Sindlev @emilisindlev

If you are into fashion, it's very likely that you already have some of Emily's outfit images on your phone. The influencer shows how you can add colors to your outfit without going too much. While Emily's looks are always bold and eye-catching, they never seem to cross the line of tasteless, and while her appearance and some of the poses are quite sexy, nothing ever comes across as vulgar.

From Paris to Copenhagen to Milan; her cool outfits in fashion cities are color-curated in her feed. Visit Emily's gram when in need of colorful inspirations!

Images: Courtesy of Emili Sindlev @emilisindlev

Shini Park @shini.park

If you are into classic and elegant aesthetics, here is the right place. As the founder of fashion & visual artbook @cubicle, Shini's Instagram is more than just a compilation of images. In terms of mood, composition, and lighting, her IG is like a well-curated magazine. Elegant, chic, classic, and mature...Shini Park definitely has different aesthetics than other sought-after influencers.

Images: Courtesy of Shini Park @shini.park

Bryan Yambao @bryanboy

When talking about fashion influencers, it is hard not to mention @bryanboy. The editor-in-chief of The Perfect Magazine is one of few men who know how to pull off a Chanel tweed jacket. Not only has he beautiful and rare bags such as Kelly, Valentino mini bags, and lady Dior, Bryan enjoys styling them with luxury and glamorous garments. Visit @brianboy and enjoy fancy style inspirations!

Images: Courtesy of Bryan Yambao @bryanboy


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