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Fashion stylists behind the looks of celebrities

A strong look must reflect one’s personality; it should complement the person’s character and feel authentic. So it is fair to say that there is an equal affair between a celebrity and their stylist. Even the work of the most talented stylist would feel vain if the look is not created based on aesthetics and personality, just like finding a celebrity serving daring, fresh looks without a stylist behind the scenes would be tricky. So before giving all the credit to your favorite for an inspiring style, it might be interesting to check who is the creative engine behind their most successful looks.

Here are some of our favorite celebrity stylists whose work created an entire image.

Jason Bolden, The Hollywood Stylist

Although Jason Bolden’s Hollywood celebrity list is impressively long, there are a few public personas whose appearances would be difficult to imagine without Jason’s touch. Celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Yara Shahidi, Taraji P. Henson, and Alicia Keys are most certainly among those whose personalities Jason knows and translates the best. The stylist points out that he pays a great deal to actually listening to his clients, aiming to create looks that would most authentically reflect their character. Perhaps it is his attention that results in such an intimate work between him and his clients. Jason’s looks build an image that follows a celebrity and continues to be a visual description of their personality. He also has such a clear vision and confidence in what his clients want that he often brings only one to two options for the fitting. This approach certainly works well for the stylist, as Jason’s clients stay with him for many years. His work might not always be the work of a spot-on genius with an excellent eye for artistic fashion. However, Bolden has built a solid career and a reputation of a Hollywood magician. He creates a fairytale. Like some of his clients say, Bolden makes you feel like a princess. To get an inside on the magic, this stylist performs, watch Styling Hollywood on Netflix. The show was released in 2019, showing the work behind the scenes of some of the most exciting red carpets. It also gives a glance at Bolden’s personal life. 

Image Source: Instagram: @jasonbolden

Law Roach, the Stylist Who Works with Bella Hadid and Zendaya

Law Roach is a perfect combination of a fashion nerd with a sucker for a shining extravaganza. He gives you knowledge of fashion archives, his sense of experimental styling is tasteful and clever, and when it comes to simple glam and parties, Law can please with dramatic sparkles too.

It is impressive how easily Roach switches between styles. His clients have pretty contrasting aesthetics. It is hard to imagine that these celebrities share one stylist. Yet Roach adapts effortlessly. He brings something fresh and personal to every client.

Despite his fame, extremely successful career, and a dream list of clientele, the stylist still gets his fair share of criticism. During the last Cannes Film Festival, Roach received negative comments on social media. The stylist dressed Bella Hadid in a vintage Versace dress that she has recently commented on online. And while Law Roach is famous for his ability to pull rare archives, bringing Bella the same dress seemed too much of a coincidence. The fact that the stylist did not credit the person who first brought Bella’s attention to the dress left many disappointed. Some even shamed Law for the lack of creativity and blamed his success on his powerful industry connections.

Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine a successful fashion stylist without industry connections. Besides, when it comes to Law Roach, it seems his portfolio speaks louder than most of the online comments.

Image Source: Instagram: @luxurylaw

Veneda Carter, Kim Kardasion’s Stylist

Hers might not be the name related to red-carpet events, but Veneda Carter’s style has certainly left a mark on Hollywood. According to Vogue, the former model and now stylist has been a part of the Yeezy team since 2016 and started working with Kim Kardashian in 2019. Her futuristic tomboy looks with a strong reference to hip-hop culture had worked hand in hand with the style direction Kim was going for at that time. The duo worked impressively well, receiving positive feedback for Kim’s looks and shining some light on Carter’s image as a stylist and arising public persona. Since then, it has been repeatedly published that Kim referred to Veneda as “the coolest girl in the world”.  

While the Kim-Yeezy era was certainly prosperous on creative alliances and fresh directions, it seems like with a split from Kanye and in the search for new and more authentic to herself looks, Kim might have also ended the styling journey with Veneda. It is unclear if the former model will continue to pursue a celebrity stylist career or focus on her personal projects. Either way, Carter stays active: the stylist has recently released a jewelry line, supported by her industry friends such as Bella Hadid. She is also styling on set for brands like Stussy and Amiri. While there might not be any internet-breaking celebrity styling gigs for Carter at the moment, her Instagram page remains fashion focused. One may say that Carter’s career as a stylist resulted from industry friendships and her radiant personality. Perhaps, this is not exactly what it takes to become a skillful and diverse stylist. However, keeping it authentic will always bring brands, magazines, and even public people that relate to Carter’s vision, even if for a short moment.

Image Source: Instagram: @venedaacarter

Mimi Cuttrell's Portfolio

Mimi Cuttrell has worked her way into the industry. It may not have been a very long journey. Still, according to the interview Cuttrell gave to Vogue, the LA-born spent four years assisting various celebrity stylists before launching her independent career. With the gained experience and established network, she quickly became a successful stylist for famous people like Ariana Grande, Addison Rae, Normani, and Maude Apatow. However, her most well-known styling affair remains the one with Gigi Hadid. #StyledbyMiGi is the tag the stylist gave to her collaboration with the supermodel, and it quickly brought attention to Cuttrell’s talent.

What is worth acknowledging is Cuttrell’s ability to adapt and switch between red carpet and street style looks. As good as she knows how to bring provocative drama to a gala and push the limits of an on-set look for a cover, she knows how to keep her street style moments relevant and on-trend. While the stylist admits to Vogue that her personal style is rather comfortable and casual, she always makes sure to create truly statement looks for her clients, whatever the occasion.

When it comes to the red carpet, it seems like Cuttrell gets her clients well. She knows how to impress and go all in, working with someone like Gigi Hadid at MET 2022. However, she also knows how to play it safe and elegant when styling someone like Maude Apatow, any event the celebrity attends. That said, Cuttrell’s street-style work is worth taking take notes of!

Image Source: Instagram: @mimicuttrell

Marni Senofonte, Beyonce's Stylist

Marni Senofonte is more of a fashion rockstar than a stylist. This woman had been an image maker before we even wondered about such things. Unlike others, this super stylist did not arise from fashion; she came from the music industry. As Senofonte told Guardian, her styling journey began with almost a coincidental opportunity to style Salt-N-Pepa's appearance. This job was quickly followed by an on-tour gig and a stylist job for such giants as Lauryn Hill and P Diddy. According to Senofonte's words, music always felt like a much bigger platform to express her creativity. Performances allowed the stylist the freedom to go bigger and louder with her envisioned looks. She followed her instincts instead of being influenced by runway shows and fashion-elite rules. As a result, Senofonte influenced the fashion industry. 

While Senofonte had already had occasional projects with Beyonce for a while, the real breakthrough happened when the stylist joined Beyonce's team to work on Lemonade. Like a roller coaster, it then went on to the Super Bowl performance, the shooting of Formation, countless award shows, and Beyonce's pregnancy reveal Instagram post. 

There is a very delicate line in Senofonte's styling approach. This white American stylist uses a lot of cultural referencing, yet none of her work comes off as cultural appropriation. It seems like, influenced heavily by black American culture, Senofonte has a strong sense of tact. While projecting this influence on her styling, she never oversteps with opinionated comments or overly expressive political thoughts. Senofonte comes off as a respectful and quite humble visionary who leaves all the commentary to her clients. 

In an interview with Guardian, the stylist explains her attraction to the new generation of models. She compares them to the supermodels of the 90s. Referring to girls like Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, Senofonte says that their empowering confidence and sense of personal style quickly began inspiring a young generation of females worldwide. Both feet in fashion, Senofonte is now working with Kendall Jenner for the red carpet and street-style appearances. 

Senofonte's work as a stylist is, without a doubt, a demonstration of excellence on many levels. But it is also her radiant and quite curious personality that attracts attention. For those whose interest goes beyond Senofonte's portfolio and Instagram posts, we suggest watching the HBO fashion competition show released last year, The Hype, where Senofonte stood as one of the three judges along with Offset and Bephie Birkett. 

Image Source: Instagram: @marnixmarni


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